In the dead of a Michigan winter, FebruFury arrives to warm up crowds with some pure Michigan metal.

FebruFury at the Token Lounge brought a diverse array of some of the finest state metal bands to one stage. Though it is still early, a sizable crowd gathers as Kilbury Unit opens the show. The ballistic assault takes shape as the band initiates their battle plan with a twin guitar attack with pummeling drums and bass. Vocalist Rea Kilbury keeps his group on point and the crowd on notice with his commanding vocals.

Mount Pleasant’s From Blue To Gray are back in action after taking some time off the road to work on a new album. Their set opens with a new material that finds the band expanding their sound to incorporate greater progressive compositions.

Bassist Jordan Myers and drummer Dan Graham are a tight team. Graham lays down a steady tempo while Myers follows with a complex bass line adding both bottom and harmony to the song. The canvas of sound expands with each song allowing guitarists Dave Jaber and Tim Drexler to add color and dimension with their brilliant riffs. While the music is dynamic and demanding, the crowd is fixated on vocalist Dale Fewless, who looks like a man possessed as he writhes and stalks the stage. It is evident from the hearty applause that From Blue To Gray will be welcome back.

Hate Unbound have been touring the Great Lakes region spreading their gospel of heavy metal but have returned home to preach. Smoke machines erupt with mushroom clouds as the band hits fast and furiously. Drummer Danny Kendell’s double kick drum and snare fly, yet he makes playing this demanding music look easy. Guitarists Daryl Mitchell and William Cundif deliver bone crushing riffs with bassist John Kinder to create music you can feel beating against your chest. The crowd is up close to the stage, and many are screaming as Art Giammara’s vocals release their pent up rage.

The progressive metal band, Imminent Sonic Destruction is next, demonstrating a stunning display of musical prowess and artful songwriting. Their song, “Breaking Through,” effortlessly moves from metallic fury to an ambient glow with each member of the band adding their unique perspectives and insights to the composition. The keyboards by Pete Hopersberger sound terrific in this song and add to the dreamy ambient interludes. Their new songs, “Sleepless” and “Lake of Fire,” put guitarists Scott Thompson and Tony Piccoli through their paces. The guitar duo craft together ambitious and intriguing guitar parts, which they punctuate with captivating solos.

In honor of a very dear friend, Imminent Sonic Destruction breaks out a cover of Nine Inch Nail’s “Head Like a Hole.” The phenomenal bass work of Bryan Paxton combined with the adept and skillful stick work of drummer Pat DeLeon give this song plenty of punch. The band brings their set to a dramatic close with their epic song, “The Fog.” It is the perfect close to a night of Michigan metal.

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