Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa concluded their Boys of Zummer tour with a triumphant performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Monday night.

The Boys of Zummer tour brought together the current titans of pop rock and pop rap for a tour that seemed a bit mismatched. Fall Out Boy’s main demographic is still teens, though I was pleasantly surprised to see the front row contained more boys than girls this time out. But matching a young-skewing audience with a rapper who primarily sings about the virtues of getting stoned and you could hear parents and security guards squirming.

While the bands were billed as co-headliners, you could tell by the screams that it was Fall Out Boy who filled the majority of seats. Patrick Stump’s soaring vocals are a thing of beauty, the voice that launched a thousand teenage dreams. Guitarist Joe Trohman has become a monster player, a subtle master of the crunchy riff. Bassist Pete Wentz jumps and twirls and keeps things energized while bringing the rhythm along with drummer Andy Hurley, whose rock steady beat makes things sound immense.

Fall Out Boy opened their set with 2005’s “Sugar, We’re Goin Down.” It’s hard to believe that that song, a two-million seller, was released 10 years ago. It’s thrilling to see a band as good as Fall Out Boy stay vital, bringing in new fans with their current work. While every opening riff was greeted by shrieks of recognition, it was the newest songs that seemed to garner the most response. “Centuries” seemed to be the biggest crowd pleaser of the night, while traditional set-closer “Saturday” barely seemed to register on the squeal-scale.

Midway through the set, Wentz, Stump and Trohman, moved to a remote stage in the middle of the bowl for two acoustic numbers, “Immortals,” and “Young Volcanos.” It was a lovely gesture that allowed fans in the back to see the boys close-up while adding intimacy to the huge vastness of the Bowl.

The second half of the set brought even more energy and enthusiasm from the band, and featured Wiz Khalifa joining the band onstage for a rap verse in “Uma Thurman.”

Wiz Khalifa’s set was full of light, frothy weed-soaked hip-hop, with tunes like “Black and Yellow,” “Paperband,” and “Young, Wild & Free.” He ended his set with the gorgeous “See You Again,” a tribute to Paul Walker that is featured in Furious 7, with original guest performer Charlie Puth putting in an appearance on a grand piano.

New artist MAX played a brief set before Fall Out Boy that showcased his vocal skills and energetic dancing. This boy has style and looks and a killer voice, and you will be undoubtedly hearing more from him soon.

Hip Hop artist Hoodie Allen opened the show.

Fall Out Boy’s set list:

Sugar, We’re Goin Down
The Phoenix
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More “Touch Me”
Alone Together
This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race
Immortals (acoustic)
Young Volcanos (acoustic)
Dance, Dance
American Beauty/American Psycho
Uma Thurman (with Wiz Khalifa)
Thnks fr th Mmrs
I Don’t Care

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)

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