Emmure performed at Pop’s in Sauget, Illinois on April 3, 2014. Never mind the weather warnings about wind, rain, hail, tornadoes… that was not enough to keep the die-hard Emmure fans home. Rather than heed the warnings, they packed into Pop’s in a sweaty, pierced, tattooed, jumping horde to crush themselves against the stage in a frenetic display of head banging and screaming along with each song.

Fans were lined up outside well before the doors opened, with many more showing up to purchase tickets at the box office, and discussing their hopes the show would not be cancelled due to inclement weather. Not only did the show go on, but the fans were treated to the expected raw, aggressive, and brutal assault Emmure has become famous for. Although in recent years the band has been notorious for its being the center of a few controversies, they are also highly regarded by many for the sarcastic and ironic sense of humor, as well as their unapologetic knack of getting under the skin of many industry persons.

Vocalist, Frankie Palmeri, belted out song after song without a hitch in his performance and voice; a surprising feat considering his frantic energy onstage coupled with his signature growling/screaming/gutteral vocals. Not to be outdone, bassist Mark Davis and guitarists Jesse Ketive and Mulholland were in constant motion, whether they were working the crowd or swapping places in a metalcore ballet set to Mark Castillo’s crushing drums in the background. Other than Castillo (of course), each member played every square inch of the stage, to the delight and screaming appreciation of the crowd.

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