Earthless gift Detroit with another dose of Black Heaven at Deluxx Fluxx with Maggot Heart and Sacri Monti

The venue for tonight’s double dose of heavy psychedelic rock from Earthless seems fitting. Just off to the side of the stage is a room covered from floor to ceiling in Day-Glo blacklight posters. Those taking a trip tonight may wish to give that space a wide berth and keep their minds focused on the stage. Otherwise, you may not return once the music launches you into the next dimension.

Leading off is Sacri Monti from California. The band consists of Dylan Donovan (guitar), Anthony Meier (bass), Brenda Dellar (guitar/vocals), Evan Wneskay (organ/synth), and Thomas Dibenedetto (drums). Their music sets us adrift upon a sea of possibilities. Flowing and soaring guitars swirl within a tidal surge of drums and bass. The hints of Pink Floyd and King Crimson melding with Deep Purple intoxicate the audience. Sacri Monti’s short set mainly features songs from their latest release ‘Waiting Room for the Magic Hour’. The key word here which describes this performance is magic.

Swooping in with ripping talons and gnashing teeth is Maggot Heart. Their attack is raw and essential. Guitars full of sharp edges, a throat punching bass, and tumultuous drums invigorate the crowd. Maggot Heart is Linnea Olsson (guitar/vocals) with Olivia Airey (bass) and Uno Bruniusson (drums). Their new album ‘Dusk To Dusk’ takes center stage as the play “The Killing Hand” and “Blood Envy”. This barbed and slashing music cuts deep and will not let go. Clearly the crowd approves as heads move and hands reach up into the air. Linnea mentions this is Maggot Heart’s first time in Detroit. Let us hope it is not the last.

Deluxx Fluxx is nearing capacity as Mario Rubalcaba, Isaiah Mitchell, and Mike Eginton of Earthless take the stage. A shimmer of cymbals adds to the haunting dream of guitars as the band opens up with “Uluru Rock”. Mike locks into the groove and Mario sets the pace. Meanwhile, Isaiah becomes one with his guitar; fingers dancing as the notes take flight.

This performance by Earthless leaves me standing in slack-jawed amazement. Mario, Mike, and Isaiah move as one playing “Black Heaven”. Closing your eyes, you can imagine a rapid river of sound and emotion that is both captivating and inspiring. The cascading drums and bass hold you close as the inpassioned guitars shower the mind with an electric glow. The relentless torrent of riffs on this evening sadly must come to an end. Witnessing these talented musicians bearing their souls through their music is a gift we can savor until the next time.

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Event Date: 04-OCT-2019

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