The Hot Topic sponsored Black Mass Tour, featuring newcomers Drama Club, stopped for a Halloween gig in Las Vegas setting the scene for an intensely solid night of art and music.

Many reviews are already in for the Black Mass Tour and, as expected, all are favorable. There’s no doubt that both Falling in Reverse and Black Veil Brides are consummate professionals and amazing rock bands. What has not been mentioned enough is the opening act on the bill, Drama Club.

Being this act is still new, there’s not a lot of information on them. What we do know is that they are officially labeled as an “Electro House/Shock Rock Pop Duo.” Not sure if the fans that night knew what to expect based on that description, but what they did get was appropriately fired up.

Drama Club is made up of two members, Zero and Andromeda. And just like their names suggest, they are both anonymous and out of this world. Their look is decidedly alien and gothic, with blank white masks, long black hair, and robotic, intense body language. The performance was more of a music/art hybrid than just a typical opening slot act.

The duo essentially function as DJ’s… Sinister and animated DJ’s… with a vast rock catalog to work from, incorporating Asking Alexandria, The Used, Prodigy, and Bring Me The Horizon into their set.

What was most evident during their performance was how the fans didn’t seem to mind the opening band wasn’t a band at all. The duo was embraced and supported by the masses. Zero and Andromeda accomplished getting the crowd on their feet, their adrenaline boiling, and their voices primed and ready for the bands to come. Really, you can’t expect more out of an opening act.

As Drama Club brought an energy of power and love to a predominately under 21 crowd, you couldn’t help but feel a little more hopeful about the future.

Once upon a time, Led Zeppelin fans hated Punk Rockers, the Punk Rockers hated the Hair Metal bands, and the Hair Metal bands hated the Alternative rockers. Each new genre felt threatened by what was new.

In contrast to that, what can actually be experienced on this Black Mass Tour, and with Drama Club in particular, is how music fans now don’t care what your label is. If it’s good, then it’s good and they love it.

Drama Club was good. The perfect opening slot addition to an already impressive lineup.

Be sure to check out the tour when it stops near you and get there early so you don’t miss the opening act. It’s worth it.

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