To celebrate 30 years of Triumph and Agony, Doro Pesch, the voice of Warlock, tore up the Token Lounge with Lisa Hurt and ELSIE BINX.

ELSIE BINX – EBX opens the night. Enigmatic frontwoman, Erin Accomando took no time ramping up the crowd with their hit “Say You Will.” Since their inception in 2015, this band has been going nonstop. Releasing two albums Smile and a Bullet and That’s What She Said, touring all over Michigan and now starting to branch out as far as California, ELSIE BINX is running at full steam with no signs of stopping.

Phil Steuer is a whirlwind on guitar, furiously thrashing until his strings broke at the end of the set. Cindee Lish and Jen Read harmonized perfectly with Accomando. Jon Neville was a cool pillar as his fingers flew over his guitar. Jason Quartuccio was thunderous on bass, and Dylan McCarty was the smiling thunderhead on drums.
Accomando enthralled the crowd with her charisma. She exudes a manic energy with a dark sultry edge of a true born rock star. The band’s set list comprised entirely of songs from That’s What She Said, their latest album, including “Look Out,” “Should’ve Known,” “Holding On,” and many more.
To round out the night, they paid tribute to Whitesnake with a killer cover of “Still Of The Night.” ELSIE BINX is a riotous start to the night and quickly on the rise.

Smile and a Bullet and That’s What She Said are available on their website .

Lisa Hurt came up next. This solo siren had only a keyboard to accompany her. She captivates the audience with her haunting voice and dark, melancholy melodies. She showcases many original tunes, as well as some amazing covers that you wouldn’t expect, such as Dio’s “All the Fools Sailed Away” and W.A.S.P.’s “Sleeping (In The Fire).” She also shows off her humor with a profanity-ridden version of the ABCs. She is electric on stage as her fingers dance over the keys with a smirk on her face.
Hurt”s musical career has her lending her talents to many Detroit bands, including Halloween and Sins Of A Madman. She is an act you do not want to miss, and was a fantastic addition to this female fronted evening.

After an agonizing buildup that had the crowd chanting Doro Pesch, the original voice of Warlock, charged the stage with her band, launching right into “Touch of Evil.”
In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Warlock’s hit album Triumph and Agony, the band is on tour and playing the album in its entirety. They only have five dates in the Unites States before heading back overseas. These limited dates resulted in fans coming in from all over to experience Doro in her element.

She showed the exuberant fans why she is still the juggernaut we all love. She ran at high octane speed all night, getting right in the fans’ faces as she powered through hits including “Three Minute Warning,” “I Rule the Ruins,” “Metal Tango” and the rest of the legendary album’s track list. The crowd was enthralled the entire time, screaming and singing along through every song. The metal queen had her horns up and was headbanging along with the crowd as her voice captured the same grit and power as it has since the 80s. She is truly a sight to see, clad in leather and chains, belting out amazing melodies, all the while smiling ear to ear.

While Doro is unquestionably the leader of the pack, her bandmates are powerhouses as well. Luca Princiotta takes on guitar and keyboards at a breakneck speed. Nick Douglass was a whirlwind of energy on bass, running back and forth across the stage. Johnny Dee’s drums are ear splitting and adrenaline inducing. Tommy Bolan took on the iconic Triumph and Agony guitar, his shredding was brutal and powerful, and put fully on display during his ferocious guitar solo.

After the finale of the Triumph and Agony set list with “All We Are,” Doro happily obliged the fans with some additional favorites, like “Burning the Witches,” “Fight for Rock,” “True as Steel” and the ever popular Judas Priest cover “Breaking the Law.” By the time the night ended after a few more hits like “The Night of the Warlock” and “Hellbound,” the crowd and band alike were drenched in sweat and fists thrust in the air.
Seeing a legend like Doro Pesch is, as always, an incredible experience. She is the same powerhouse she has always been and shows no signs of stepping down anytime soon.

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Event Date: 12-SEPT-2017

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