Disturbed and Rob Zombie bring eclectic styles of metal mayhem to a packed crowd on their co-headlining spring tour.

25-May-2016: Is rock dead? That seems to be a question floating around as of lately.

First, it was Gene Simmons. Then it was Flea. The headlines have quoted both as saying that “rock is dead.” Apparently, neither of them have caught Disturbed or Rob Zombie on tour lately.

Fresh off of their ROTR 2016 show, special guests Pop Evil warmed up an anxiously awaiting crowd with a blistering set of fan favorites.

“Ways To Get High,” “Take It All,” and “100 in a 55” had the crowd on their feet and ready for the Zombie man himself. Just when you thought that Pop Evil was d, Michigan-born singer Leigh Kakaty jumped into the crowd to high-five fans and made sure they were not going to forget them anytime soon.

Rob Zombie took to the stage in a funky shagadelic outfit only Zombie could pull off. To know and understand Rob Zombie, you truly have to see him live. That is where you can visually see everything that makes this incredibly creative man tick. Groovy psychedelic disco moves, horror-laced with creepy, Satanic voodoo and mind numbing sci-fi. You get it all and then some with Mr. Rob Zombie.

You better believe he pulled out every single trick in his book, including walking unguarded around the entire Coliseum and through the crowd, during innovative guitarist John 5’s solo, before returning to the stage.

The stage, ah, the stage. It was another beast altogether, literally. Set up with ghouls, a screen showing amusingly demented videos, monsters, and a huge ghetto blaster, it looked like something out of a dark and demented sci-fi/horror film, and fans ate it up. An appearance was made by a 15 ft tall alien at one point in the show.

Treated to songs from his entire catalog, Zombie had fans pumping and jumping throughout the show. Favorites were “Thunderkiss 55,” “Living Dead Girl,” and “Were an American Band” ( Grand Funk Railroad cover) as well as “Get High” and “Well Everybody’s F*cking In A U.F.O.” off of his new offering The Electric Warlock Acid Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser album. Rob Zombie closed his show with an encore of “Dragula.”

Last up was Disturbed. They teased fans with a large black curtain surrounding the stage so that you could only see their backlit silhouettes. When the curtain dropped, the flames rhythmically shooting off of the stage were so hot that you could feel the heat all the way to the back of the Coliseum.

The band sounded as tight as ever despite recently taking several years off from touring. They were hitting all the fan favorites, like “Ten Thousand Fists,” “The Game,” “Prayer,” “Liberate” and “Stupify.” The set also included five cover songs; “The Sound of Silence,” “Closer,” “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” “Baba O’Riley,” and “Killing In The Name Of.”

Last but certainly not least, their encore consisted of “Voices” and “Down With The Sickness.”

Now back to that question; is rock dead? The answer is no. Hell no.

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