Disturbed brings night three of their  Evolution world tour to Las Vegas with support from Three Days Grace.

Fans have come out in force tonight to the T-Mobile Arena to see two amazing bands.  Disturbed hasn’t been through town in a while due to their hiatus, but with a new album Evolution, they are back with a vengeance. 

Up first is Canadian rock band Three Days Grace.  The stadium lights dim right before 7:30 and the four piece takes the stage.  With five albums spanning their twelve year career, they have an extensive catalog to draw from.  Songs like “Home,” “Pain” and “Just Like You” get the crowd going.  The energy is intense as singer Matt Walst and guitarist Barry Stock the stage.  The stage is filled with different height risers and sits at an angle to the crowd and they use this to their full advantage.  By the time “I Hate Everything About You” and “Never Too Late” play the large crowd are on their feet and singing along.  After twelve songs they close out with “Riot” thank the crowd and leave the stage.  They do a perfect job with this set.  It gets the crowd going but it also isn’t a set from a ‘opening band’ to be dismissed.  Watching this set it seems as if you are seeing a headlining show, it is almost as if the crowd is being treated to two headliners tonight.

Disturbed is ready to take the stage.  Again the arena darkens while a wall to wall video screen begins to play the video into.  Popular phrases Disturbed uses like “music as a weapon” are projected, and other elements including live clips, this is what fans expect from Disturbed.  The video ends and they begin with the first single off of Evolution “Are You Ready” to launch the set into a high energy ride.  They move into “Prayer” and “The Vengeful One.”  It is hard to know who to watch because each member draws your attention in one way or another.  David Drainman commands the stage with his fist in the air.  Dan Donegan seems to get right up in the crowd while shredding the guitar, while Bassist John Moyer leaps in the air and is perhaps one of the most animated bassists in hard rock.  Drummer Mike Wrengren is perched above on his elevated riser plays with an intensity that is hard to match.  All of this is backed by pyro and different video screens.  

The set continues as fans expect but then it starts to get interesting.  “Stupify” one of their biggest hits is followed by a guitar jam leading into “Voices.”  At this point, there is the first of two covers of the night Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” followed by some more solos.  The songs are all played exactly as the fans want to hear them and Drainman’s vocal is on point, it is one of the strongest vocal performances I have seen of his.  They move through the set playing all the songs the crowd wants to hear spanning their discography including “The Game” and “Into the Fire.”  The crowd is treated to something special when the Simon and Garfunkel cover of “The Sound of Silence” is played.  For this the band moves to a smaller secondary stage halfway through the floor.  The performance is mesmerizing and it allows another whole set of fans to get up close with this band and this performance.  After a couple more songs it is time for the three song encore which closes out with “Down With the Sickness.”

The night is over and the fans are excited, energized and exhausted at the same time.  There were just two amazing performances on one stage in one night.  Disturbed announced loud and clear that they are back and they are sounding better then ever on this tour.

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Event Date: 12-JAN-2019

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