Disturbed brings the heat and fires up fans on the outdoor stage at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort with support from Three Days Grace.

It has been over a year since Disturbed last toured.  Tonight’s show at the outdoor stage at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort is the second show on a short 3 show run.  Fans are fired up as they walk from the casino to the venue with many sporting shirts and hats of the headliner Disturbed.  The venue looks at full capacity with the reserved seats all taken, and the general admission lawn packed to the top and sides.

Kicking things off is Three Days Grace from Canada.  They are touring in support of their 6th album Outsider that was released in March.  The first single from it, “The Mountain”, gets the set started and gets the fans on their feet and singing along.  They follow that up with “I Am Machine”.

The stage setup is sparse, but singer Matt Walst makes full use of it as he paces from side to side and climbs on top of the platform next to the drummer.  He is constantly making eye contact with fans and his facial expressions are intense.  The fans eat it up and respond with fist pumps and cheers. 

They keep the show rolling along as they run through several more hits including “Break”, “Pain”, new single “Infra-Red”, “Home”, and “Painkiller”.  Cranking it up a notch, they jump into “Painkiller” and get the fans bouncing and singing along with “Animal I Have Become” and “The Good Life”.

Having been around since 2003 and with an arsenal of radio-friendly hits, the fans truly appreciate Three Days Grace’s set with loud applause on every song.  Matt is the newcomer to the band after the departure of Adam Gontier in 2013.  He sounds awesome and it looks like he feels at home, especially with his brother on bass.

They close out their set with 2 of their most popular songs, “I Hate Everything About You” and “Riot”.  The latter has a large group of fans going crazy on the lawn in a huge mosh pit. You could say they started a riot.  If they were not already fired up, this certainly has them in a frenzy and warmed up for Disturbed.

The sun has just about set, and the air has cooled a bit leading up to Disturbed taking the stage.  The lights dim and the familiar sounds of “Down with the Sickness” play as a video rolls showing highlights from shows past.  With everyone on their feet now, guitarist Dan Donegan takes center stage under a haze and some dim lights, and tears through “Eye of the Storm” to the delight of fans.  The rest of the band joins him as they transition into “Immortalized”.

While the air may have cooled off a bit, that is about to change as “The Game” has fans throwing up their horns and bouncing and the mosh pit is back on the lawn in full force.  To add some more heat, the stage is aglow in pyro during “The Vengeful One”.  With flames flying every direction and high in the air, it’s amazing that something or someone on stage does not catch on fire.  It is quite a spectacle and adds to the energy of the songs and the band’s stage presence.  It is something that is prevalent during many songs in their set.  They run through “Prayer”, “Liberate”, “The Night”, and “Stupify” and have the fans fully engaged.

Singer David Draiman rarely stops moving about the stage except during brief moments between songs to throw in some chatter.  One of those is during “Sound of Silence” that has just about everyone holding up a lighter or their cell phone.  It is something that is also done during “The Light” and makes for an awesome sight looking out to the fans on the lawn.

Along with Dan Donegan, bassist John Moyer and drummer Mike Wengren lay down a solid, driving sound that is unique and easily sets them apart from others when you hear it.  John and Dan work the stage and connect with each other and with Mike on top of his drum platform.  With the backdrop and with the flames flying about, it makes for a wild visual, especially when John whips his dreads about.

They crank it back up with their cover of Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” and then “Indestructible”.  After a short break, they return to the stage and rip through 2 of the fan favorites and heavy-hitters, “Voices” and “Ten Thousand Fists”, that has the fans cheering loudly and throwing up their horns yet again.  They close the show with the ever-popular “Down with the Sickness”.  Wow!  Quite the show.

Hopefully, Disturbed will release their next album soon and hit the road on a full-blown tour.  It is obvious from the crowd tonight that they have not lost any fans during their hiatus.  This reviewer will be there when they do hit the road again.

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Event Date: 12-July-2018

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