Detroiters are downed with a sickness when Disturbed drops a dynamic dose of metal on top of the Little Caesars Arena.

The Motor City is no stranger to visits from mega-bands. But early March of 2019, and sub-zero temperatures have put Detroit into a deep freeze, and in dyer need of a meltdown, enter Disturbed. Traveling with them are possibly the most epic pyrotechnic show in the music industry today. Disturbed’s crew begins hours before the production to ensure the stage is set perfectly with all of the equipment needed for the rocking rotisserie. Music fans know this and have fought the extreme cold and artic winds to pack themselves into the Little Caesars Arena to feel the energy and witness the power known as Disturbed.

Fast forward: it is now 8:55pm, the stage is set, house lights drop and dual jumbo-tron monitors display the words “Get Up” to the thousands in attendance. Video clips roll as “Disturbing” images burn themselves into the massive monitors. We see a dark and mysterious figure clad in black appear center stage, a familiar voice delivers the words “My brothers… my sisters…. my blood!” Stage lights ignite, the band engages and the crowd explodes as Disturbed front man David Dramin cries “Are You Ready Detroit!” The band launches into the first of a ninety minute set. The audience is on their feet in immediate response with the entire venue fist pumping in unison. The stage is massive and bassist John Moyer and guitarist Dan Donegan immediately take to action, moving across the huge platform to engage their fans. The band transitions into “Prayer” and then into a flaming version of “The Vengeful One.” Now comes our first blast of the famous flaming pyro cannons, spewing over the head of drummer Mike Wengren. “The Animal” is up next, followed by the platinum mega hit “Stupify.” The audience is in awe, as fire, lights, smoke and pure power envelope them. Disturbed then breaks into a memorable cover of the Genesis classic “Land of Confusion.”

Moyer and Wengren keep the back beat tight and on point as Dramin’s booming voice blasts through the arena. Let us not forget Donegan’s axe ripping riffs slicing razor-like through eardrums and souls alike. Moyer now moves center stage to take the spotlight and give the fans a good-old-fashioned rock n roll bass solo. Wengren’s next with a thunderously impressive drum solo, bashing the skins right into “Ten Thousand Fist.” Dramin then walks to a small back stage and next we are treated to “The Game,” and then “A Reason to Fight,” followed by “Watch You Burn.” The Simon and Garfunkel cover “The Sound of Silence” comes next and has everyone in attendance singing along with Dramin’s interpretation of the timeless classic. “Inside the Fire” brings out unbelievable visuals and a stunning live performance as flaming ropes are dangled from the ceiling and move sporadically about the stage. All this while the flame cannons sending blazing fire balls into the air above the band as they perform. The song closes with a “Thank you…good night!”

A short and semi-believable rouse is afoot, but is interrupted when the band return to the stage to deliver a four song encore. “The Light,” “Stricken,” and “No More,” keep the fans energized but wanting more. The highlight is last on the list when Dramin articulates the famous line “WA AH AH…” and everyone gets “Down With the Sickness.” Nearly ninety minutes later, and the band gives one of the most energetic performances of the night, leaving the band, the fans, the event staff and the photographers exhausted.

Disturbed comes as a highly recommended and memorable concert experience. Catch them on their 2019 Evolution Tour now. Details and event dates can be found on the band’s official website.

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Little Caesars Arena
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Event Date: 05-Mar-2019