The Philadelphia’s grindcore band lands in Chesapeake with special guests Organ Dealer bring and local help from Cremains and Amara.

For Cremains, this is their first Hampton Roads appearance in over two years and sporting a new lineup after three of the original members left in December 2014. The new Cremains has Blair on vocals, Chase and Nico on guitars, Wayne on bass, and Waffle as the drummer and sole original member of the band. The band played a seven-song set to an excited and curious crowd that included “The Redeadening” and “Black Vomit,” Cremains was well received by the crowd.

Amara consists of former and current members of Cybernetic Warkrab, Ancient Torture Techniques, Bruce, and Kombat Wombat. Also playing a seven song set, they played songs off their split including “Endless Bullshit.”

Organ Dealer was onstage next and got the crowd and a circle pit going as lead singer Scott Moriarty ran about the stage, singing to the crowd and challenging people to mosh. Playing an eleven-song set mostly from their July 2015 effort, Visceral Infection, including “Black Dolphin” and “Pyrophilia.”

Die Choking closed the evening with a seventeen-song set from their self-titled EP and CD including “Greed War” and “Telos” as the diehards in the audience headbanged and moshed.

Considering that two other local shows were competing for an audience, the turnout was good, and the crowd left spent and satisfied.

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