The Kiwi’s play their final UK date supporting the release of their No. 1 album, We Rise.

A fair sized crowd has gathered early at The Talking Heads for the impressive opening act, Voodoo Vegas. The UK-based band play a catchy brand of rock with a charismatic lead singer who gets everyone involved.

More UK talent provide primary support in the form of Skarlett Riot. The female fronted band delivers a highly energetic and accomplished performance which pulls the crowd in close, perfect for the headliners.

Devilskin receives a loud reception as they take the stage. Immediately, you can see why they’ve made the long trip from down under.

The band launch into a thunderous opener of “Elvis Presley Circle Pit,” with its almost tribal rhythm. They follow up with “Vessel,” showing off Jennie Skulander’s amazing vocal range; she is versatile with a real soul to her voice.

Father and son duo of Paul Martin on bass and Nic Martin on drums keep perfect timing, with driving basslines and hard hitting drums perfectly synced. Lead guitarist Nail has a host of intense riffs and licks, all delivered whilst climbing the monitors, pushing his Gibson at the front rows faces, and bouncing around the stage. His solos are immense with a hoard of great techniques used, although never self-indulgent.

Charisma oozes from the whole band. They love being on stage entertaining people; it’s totally infectious.

The set is a superb blend of album tracks whilst still bringing in two new songs and a great cover of Dio’s “Holy Diver.” Add in the band’s generous interaction with the crowd, throw in a smoke gun, and it is thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

“Start A Revolution” though is a particular highlight. It is a massive anthem which should be blasting from European festival speakers all summer long. The song just demands you sing the chorus, as loud as possible.

Devilskin is so much more than a metal band. Their music is brilliant, with a diverse range of songs, including rock, blues, and ballads, plenty of catchy choruses, and many superb riffs; and they play it all with apparent ease.

It’s no surprise that We Rise is so highly rated, and why they have sold out tours back home in New Zealand. Could they conquer Europe? They certainly have an excellent chance.

We Rise is available now and Devilskin will be continuing their European Tour in Germany.

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