Cypress Hill brings some old school/west coast love to the mighty Motor City with an intimate night of musical memories at the Fillmore of Detroit.

As one of the true grandfathers of west-coast, hardcore hip-hop, Cypress Hill has undeniably paid their dues to the music industry for over three decades. 2019, thirty years after the band formed in 1988, and Cypress Hill is still going strong. New music, a new tour, and some new surprises are currently on the road with the O.G. members of the CH crew. Motown was proud to receive a visit from the music moguls of south Cali as “Blazingly” evident by the packed to capacity venue and the word “SOLD OUT” across the box office. Fans have traveled across central Michigan to come and pay homage to the old school icons with a bonus surprise… former Beastie Boy alumni, Mix Master Mike manning the turntables for the tour.

9:45pm, and the night is underway as the former Beastie appears in the center of the “Gi-normous” stage of the Fillmore, holding a cellphone and sporting a boyish ear-to-ear grin. He motions to the fans and shouts “What’s up Deeee-trooooit,” as he snaps pix of the capacity crowd saluting him. Mike takes his position behind the dual turntables and proceeds to engage an “Intergalactic” D.J. workout that might even make Chuck Norris break a sweat. Mike, clever and masterful, works his tables with finesse, occasionally launching a recognizable “Beastie” break as an ode to the ol’ fam. Nearly ten minutes into Mike’s digital soliloquy, he calls to the audience “Are you ready for Cypress Hill?” The crowd, already electric, bellows in glee as the notorious triad takes to the stage. Eric “Bobo” Correa, percussionist extraordinaire, appears behind a massive percussion rack. The smooth one, B-Real glides across the stage with all the power and swag of a west coast legend. Sen Dog appears from the shadows, stage left, wearing his brim low in mystery mode. Mike hits the table, Bobo follows as B-Real breaks mic silence with is infamous twang on “Band of Gypsies.” The crowds response is immediate and a venue wide, hip-hop dance off ensues.

Next up is “Real Estate,” and “Hand on the Pump” before transitioning into a most powerful version of “When the Shit Goes Down.” Bobo and Mix Master kept the groove tight and in the pocket while Sen Dog’s vocals boomed the hook through the venue speakers. New material was well received by the fans and CH pushed forward with “Put-em in the Ground,” “Latin Thugs,” and a most memorable performance of “Tequila Sunrise.” Mix Master Mike and Bobo engage in a percussion/table dual that highlight’s the mastery of both of these seasoned musicians. Sen Dog an B-Real return to join forces for the mega-platinum hit “Insane in the Membrane.” The night hits nebulous status when fans recognize the opening lines to “(Rock) Superstar” and proceed to chant in unison as the song plays out. The night comes to a close on “LSD/interval” leaving the fans, the gangstas, annnnd the prankstas… pooped (true story!)

Cypress Hill comes as a highly recommend concert experience that is energetic, engaging, and full of old school good times. More details and event dates can be found at the bands official website.

Cypress Hill
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Event Date: 10-MAR-2019