Crobot grooves their way through the heart of the Midwest with equally heavy hitters delivering a unique interstellar rock n’ roll experience for a sweltering crowd of local metal fans.

It’s rare these days to go to a show and it feel like the whole thing is one symbiotic experience.  Crobot feels like one of those bands that escaped in a time machine and ended up in the present. Their dirty groove style of hard rock and vocalist Brandon Yeagley’s dynamic rock range make you feel like they could have been Led Zeppelin if the decade was different. Long hair, bellbottoms and leather vests make their set look as real as it feels.

Yeagley’s Russel Brand-esque swagger is infectious and he genuinely connects with his audience. For a band that’s only been signed since 2013, it seems like they’ve been here all along; undiscovered playing in some local dive bar blowing everyone’s minds. The title of their full album release Something Supernatural (Wind Up Records) sums up this band pretty well. If feels like your in some sort of 70s time warp but with the dirty rock bass licks of the mesmerizing to watch Jake Figueroa and his equally talented brother Paul on drums, they manage to be relevant by bringing their sound into the current growing trend of stoner metal and the like.

Detroit boys Wilson have been gaining some serious momentum recently and have been working the tour circuit rather feverishly. Playing hard to promote their latest release Right To Rise (Razor and Tie), there was no doubt that the prize for heaviest sound of the evening’s lineup went to them. Scowling vocals and heavy riffing got the crowd headbanging and slinging sweat. A patron in the audience who hadn’t seen them before remarked that they didn’t look at all how they sounded.

Vocalist Chad Nicefield deceives beautifully with his clean cut coiffed bearded appearance, but make no mistake, when he gets in gear and opens his mouth the hair goes flying out of its pomade and the beast is unleashed. Jumping into the crowd and having private sing alongs with fans make this band approachable and respected. They’re one to keep an eye on and should be seen on this current tour.

If there was any band out there that could some up stoner metal perfectly, one might think of Electric Wizard or the godfathers Black Sabbath. Now, take that and add Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead and Lynard Skynard and you have the heavy rock masterpiece that is Mothership (Ripple Music). Beaming in from Texas, these boys know how to put on one hell of a show. Catchy hooks, tight riffs and just the right amount of gruff vocals make this band a vinyl collector’s dream.

Inviting members of Crobot on stage to jam for a bit had the crowd reeling in amazement and ending their set with their version of Black Sabbath’s “Electric Funeral” couldn’t have been more perfect. It felt like Crobot and Mothership were made to tour together and somewhere on the intergalactic highway they met, created a sublime alliance and decided to conquer the masses on this tour.

Warming things up properly were the Florida fellas Fall To June who surprised the audience with their slick brand of heavy laden blues rock.  Playing for their debut self titled album Fall to June (Southern Son) the band performed solidly. It’s always difficult to be the first band up because you never know how the crowd is going to be. For the people who came early, they were given a truly honest performance with just as much energy and musicianship if there were a full house.

Their vibe was a bit different than the others on the bill but with some obvious Southern rock roots in there. They had a fresh, marketable take on that typical country/rock crossover sound that’s been done to death these days.  Smooth, soulful vocals and good song writing make this band one to keep an eye on in the future.

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Fall To June
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