I had no plans this year for New Year’s Eve. But, when I saw that Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas had a great band lineup for their New Year’s Eve 2013 celebration, I knew I had to go.

It was just a few weeks away and I had no plane tickets or a hotel room reservation. I promptly got on the Internet and over-paid for a couple of plane tickets and a hotel room. We stayed at the Golden Nugget which is a pretty great hotel. However, for a room that will usually run you about $40 a night, you better be ready to drop $300 if you want to stay there New Year’s Eve! With a band lineup including Vince Neil, Papa Roach, Adelitas Way and Blues Traveler the hotel price was well worth it!

I’m all about downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street! I love the open air venue with the light show displayed on the worlds largest tv screen; spanning around 1500 feet and around half a million watts of sound. The Fremont Street Experience has three nice size permanent stages setup that allow three bands to play simultaneously. With a nice variety of restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels, and activities, there is plenty to keep you busy.

Adelitas Way is a band I have seen several times always putting on an energetic show and their New Year’s Eve performance was no exception. They played an hour and fifteen minute set consisting of hits off their last two albums and new songs from their forthcoming album, scheduled for release in early 2014. I am a fan of Adelitas Way so I admit I’m biased; I thought the new songs sounded really good and were definitely true to their form.

I love Rick DeJesus’s energy and emotion while onstage, he is truly a great frontman and is always ‘all in’ when he performs. The band has had a few changes since the last time I saw them with Andrew Cushing replacing Derek Johnston on bass and guitarist Keith Wallen leaving the band. Drummer Tre Stafford and guitarist Robert Zakaryan round out the now quartet sounding as tight as the last time I saw them perform.

Overall, I thought Adelitas Way put on a great performance and I was glad that we decided to make the last-minute trip to Las Vegas to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Casey Drahota

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From the first time Casey played one of his mom's old records on her pioneer turntable, he knew what he wanted to be, a rock star. Everything changed after seeing his first concert, Def Leopard back in the 80's. It is one thing to listen to a great song on the radio, but to see a great performer on stage performing that same song is what he loves. His life long passion for live music has intersected with a more recent passion of photography to once again change everything by introducing him to the world of concert photography. Getting a great shot of an amazing performance and seeing the reactions to a photograph can be exhilarating. Being a concert photographer can be chaotic, exciting, high energy, obstacle ridden, right in the mix place to be while trying to concentrate on getting great band interaction and emotion.