Coal Chamber goes “Loco” with Filter, Combichrist, American Head Charge, and Saint Ridley on the East Coast leg of their 2015 North American Tour.

Coal Chamber is scheduled to release their first record in 12 years titled Rivals due out in May 2015. The “spooky core” band from California released three albums between 1997 and 2002, rising to the forefront of nu metal before parting ways in 2002.

Singer Dez Farfara, Meegs Rascon on guitar, and Nadja Peulen on bass moved about the stage interacting with each other. And the crowd kept the night flowing with a synchronized light show and wide screen monitors showed random images throughout each song.

Coal Chamber’s set included: “Loco,” “Big Truck,” “I.O.U Nothing,” “Fiend,” “Rowboat,” “Something,” “Clock,” “Drove,” “Not Living,” “Dark Days,” “I,” “Rivals,” “No Home,” “Oddity,” and “Sway.”

Filter formed in 1993 with their first two back to back platinum releases titled Short Bus in 1995 and Title Of The Record in 1999. They released their sixth studio album The Sun Comes Out Tonight in 2013 and they are planning to release a seventh studio record in 2015.

The current lineup of Filter consists of Richard Patrick on vocals, Oumi Kapila on guitar, Ashley Dzerigian on bass, Bobby Miller on keyboards, and Chris Reeve on drums. Filter’s sound mixes clean and mean guitars with guttural screaming vocals and industrial thumping beats that caused the audience to sway in unison keeping security on their toes throughout their set.

Filter’s set included: “You Walk Away,” “Trip Like I Do,” “We Hate It,” “What Do You Say,” “Jurassitol,” “The Take,” and “No Love.” Singer, Richard Patrick, gave a quick speech to remove and doubt about the meaning behind one of their most well known songs, “Hey Man Nice Shot.” Richard explained the song was about a Pennsylvania politician, R. Budd Dwyer, who committed suicide on live television in 1987 after being accused of taking a bribe. Filter closed their set dedicating “Welcome To The Fold” to their fan base who called themselves “The Fold.”

Combichrist formed in 2003 and was supporting their seventh studio record We Love You released in 2014. Combichrist set consisted of a darker aggressive techno style of music including: “We Were Made to Love You,” “Can’t Control,” “Throat Full of Glass,” “Maggots At The Party,” “Never Surrender,” “Love Is a Razorblade,” and “What The Fuck Is Wrong With You? ” The drummer trashed his set in a Keith Moon fashion while the last song was playing. A floor tom was brought out for the audience to hold while the drummer pounded the last few beats before throwing his drum sticks into the crowd.

 American Head Charge is an industrial nu metal band that formed in Minneapolis, MN in the late 90s. They recently signed with Napalm Records and are expected to release their latest record titled Tango Umbrella in the summer of 2015. Their heavy hitting set included: “All Wrapped Up,” “Dirty, Seamless,” “Writhe,” “Ridicule,” “Let All The World Believe,” “Just So You Know,” “Loyalty and Seamless.”

Saint Ridley is a hard rock band that hailed from Michigan fronted by Paul “Saint” Ridley on vocals, Matt Dalton and David Flynn on guitars, Cody Denis on bass, and Rich Schlager on drums. Saint Ridley is currently supporting their 2014 release titled Fool Or A King. There are two well placed slower/acoustic songs including Black Sheep and Stay Strong Sarah (Don’t Cry) that show they are not to be pigeon holed into just one sound. Saint Ridley’s set included: “Rust,” “Death By Design,” “Blackened Sky,” “Who I Am,” and “Burn.”

The North American tour ends on April 12 in Texas. and then they will travel to South America and then on to Europe in May.


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