Clutch roared into Detroit on a runaway Peterbilt blasting x-ray visions along with their hard rocking brothers Zakk Sabbath and Kyng.

The Fillmore in Detroit vibrates with the collective energy of a nearly sold out show. Typically, the opening act plays to a half-capacity house. This is not the case with Kyng. The East LA band is on tour supporting their new album, Breathe in the Water, drawing a sizable crowd.

Kyng put a big old capital “P” into power-trio. Pepe Clarke beats the drums with authority that resonates through each song. Tony Castaneda punctuates the hardy rhythms with savory bass work, particularly on the song “Self-Medicated Man.” Eddie Veliz is an unpretentious and engaging vocalist and one hell of a guitar player. His lyrical solo on “Breathe in the Water” showcases his emotive play style.

The crowd erupts in shouts and applause as the house lights dim, and the churning rhythm of “Children of the Grave” consumes the Fillmore. Legendary guitarist, Zakk Wylde, joins forces with Blasco on bass and the mighty Joey Castillo on drums in tribute to the hard rock and metal pioneers, Black Sabbath. This tribute is known to the collected masses as Zakk Sabbath.

Zakk Sabbath does an excellent job of making the Sabbath tunes their own while retaining the original attitude and essence of the music. Blasco and Castillo are physical forces on stage. Blasco is wailing on the bass with hair flying while Castillo punishes his kit with flourishing tom rolls and a cracking snare. Geezer and Bill Ward would be proud.

Zakk Wylde pulls double duty with his distinctive vocals and gonzo guitar performance. Their set includes fantastic renditions of “Snowblind,” “Supernaut,” and “Into The Void.” During the extended version of “War Pigs,” Zakk journeyed out into the crowd to rip it up with the faithful. Hats off to his guitar tech who kept at least one hundred feet of guitar cable out of the crowd and reeled Zakk back onto the stage. What an outstanding rock n’ roll extravaganza!

As many in attendance are wondering how this show can get any better, Clutch gets things brewing with “Peterbilt” off their 1995 Clutch album and things only get better. Jean-Paul Gaster completes the trifecta of amazing drummers as he puts a hurt on his kick with feisty determination on “X-Ray Visons” and “Firebirds” off of the brilliant Psychic Warfare album.

Punching in with a vengeance, Dan Maines’s bass pops with enthusiastic grace and rock n’ roll authority on “Decapitation Blues” and “Pulaski Highway.” He is the understated backbone behind the Clutch sound. The glue that binds with riffs made of gold, Tim Sult goes about his business rocking out “A Shogun Named Marcus” from Clutch’s first album.

Like a preacher at a southern revival, Neil Fallon gathers the ardent congregation of rock enthusiasts to observe the ecstasy of music with such tunes as “Sucker For The Witch,” “Elephant Riders” and “Profits of Doom.” There is constant movement in the crowd as everyone joins the band in a churning mass driven by the mystical grooves contained within the music of Clutch.

Clutch goes way back to finish their set with “Passive Restraints” in a hail of cheers. They come back up for an encore featuring “Sons of Virginia” and punching out with a boatload of cowbell on “D.C. Sound Attack.”

There are rock concerts, and then there are musical celebrations with your friends in Kyng, Zakk Sabbath, and Clutch. Life feels great when saturated with rock n’ roll!

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Event Date: 28-Oct-2016

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