A pandemic outbreak of middle-aged facial hair floods the legendary Fillmore of Detroit, Michigan as Clutch arrives to deliver a dose of “Pure Rock Fury.”

Faster then a “Mob Goes Wild,” billions of buttered beards have packed themselves into the iconic Fillmore to spend a sold-out evening with power metal-blues legends, Clutch. Late October and the Michigan weather took an unexpected; turn for the worst, dumping a mix of hail and slush on the awaiting Clutch Army. More than 3000 strong, their ranks endured the bitter cold while waiting in a line that spanned three blocks around the venue location. Inside we find a cult-like warmth and glowing comradery that quickly dispels the premature harshness of old man winter. Here tonight are the young and old, male and female, bearded and bald, the flanneled and tall… all eager to catch the first live performances from the band’s latest studio album Book of Bad Decisions, released September 7th of this year to Clutch’s own label, Weathermaker Music.

At 9:45pm, stage lights change to an ambient golden yellow, exposing a wall size mural of the tour’s mascot, a massive bald eagle. At 9:50pm, drummer Jean Paul Gaster emerges from the side stage shadows and take his place on the drum throne. Following closely is guitarist Tim Sult and bassist Dan Maines, taking up position for the night’s event. Lastly, vocalist and guitarist Neil Fallon saunters to center stage. His presence electrifies the horde, sending the thousands in attendance into a deafening applause of approval. Neil raises his hands to soothe the Detroiters as the band follows suit by launching into “The Mob Goes Wild.” Empowered by the cult like energies surrounding the venue, Fallon is immediately transformed into the diabolical persona known as “El Jefe.” Complete with his unique and maniacal facial expressions and a host of “kung-fu” like hand gestures, Fallon has complete and utter control of the Fillmore stage. For those unfamiliar… this is Clutch, and this is exactly why their shows sell out.

The fans in attendance are treated to a monster set of seventeen power house jams, seven of which are new tracks from Book of Bad Decisions. Following “Mob,” Sult fires into the classic “House That Peterbilt.” Pressing on, Clutch debuts live performances of new tracks “Gimme The Keys,” “Vision Quest,” and “Ghoul Wrangler.” All are well received by the audience and fine examples of the Clutch blues/metal recipe that these concert-goers crave. The deep blues rooted intro of “The Regulator” is next up, uniting the crowd as they sing along with Fallon’s bellowing bluesy blurbs. Clutch then rips into the all time cult classic “El Jefe,’ creating the ferocious, beard bashing mosh pit that fans know and love. The audience then gets a dose of much loved “Crucial Velocity,” followed by “Firebirds,” and then the legendary “Electric Worry.”

Neil does not let the troops rest and slips in a bonus encore with the tasty new track “Lorelie.” Clutch closes the night with an extended version of “DC Sound Attack,” that punished the last of the exhausted moshers with a churning grove ground out by the ultra tight rhythm combo of Gaster and Maines. Nearly two hours after the start of this musical journey, the last note rings out and the last mosher rocks out as the band bids the Detroit chapter of the Clutch Army a hardy farewell. Just as they filed in, the brotherhood known as the Clutch Army files out, this time sharing a musical memory well worth the cost of admission. Clutch comes as a highly recommended concert experience. Catch them now on their Book of Bad Decisions Tour. Details and concert updates are available at the bands official website.

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Event Date: 20-OCT-2018