Dead in 5 opens up in crazy fashion for L.A. metal band, Butcher Babies, and sets the tone for the whole show and packed crowd.

The doors opened on a good night of rock at Frankie’s Inner City for three bands that had the crowd energized throughout the show. The line-up for the night was short at only three bands, but with an 8:00 pm opening set time there was some magic to make happen. The show started with Detroit rockers, Dead In 5, followed by Monroe, MI, heavy hitters, Assault Incorporated, and finishing out with L.A.’s own Butcher Babies headlining the concert.

Dead in 5 is Robert Libres (vocals), Brent “X19” Hall (guitar), Dana “Deadly” Forrester (bass), Peder “The Terminator” Seglund (guitar), and James Trunko (drums). Having recently released Schizophrenic Razor Project, the band was not only touring in support of the EP, but also seeking new fans for their dirty, outlaw-rock style. You can see the write up of the latest album done by National Rock Review, here.

Many in the crowd might not have heard of the band before or had only come for the closing act. However, all in the the crowd were converted to Dead in 5 fans not only by the songs themselves, but by the way Robert was able to keep the show moving and his overall stage presence during the set. With the only loss on the time being on stage a spilled adult beverage of the highest quality, the show started on a good foot, had heads moving to the songs, and the crowd was quite primed for the next band of the night when they were through.

Up next were Monroe, MI’s own Assault Incorporated. Made up of Jeremy Sharp (guitar), Edward Brown (guitar), Daryl Johnson (vocals), Sean Belcher (percussion), and Georgio Sumner (bass guitar). This five-piece started out in 2012. Originally under a different stage name, the band made a good move by changing names for the distinction of being unique. Hard, heavy, and unapologetic may be overused, but it really defines their sound. These heavy, southern, groove metal specialists need to been seen live if for no other reason to know where they get their clothes from.

Last, but certainly not least, came the headline act, Butcher Babies, to the Frankie’s stage. For those that may not have heard of them, the band consists of Heidi Shepherd (vocals), Carla Harvey (vocals), Henry Flury (guitar), Jason Klein (bass), and Chrissy Warner (drums). Known for their sharp riffs and unbridled energy, the band started off fast, continued to play fast, and ended with all of their talent laid out on stage.

In all honesty, the show was much better then expected. The way the band interacted with their fans was without fear. It showed that there was a level of appreciation there that welcomed all of the craziness and gave it right back. Above all else, they are musicians of high caliber and tonight really showed that.

See where the Butcher Babies are playing next and if you see them in your neck of the woods, let us know what you thought of the show.

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