Butcher Babies slaughtered all expectations in Franksville, WI on the main stage at local radio stations’ WIIL Rock Fest

Butcher Babies played to over 5,000 people at WIIL Rock Fest hosted by Kenosha, Wisconin’s #1 rated rock radio station 95.1 WIIL Rock, FM Entertainment and Route 20 Outhouse. Hot on the heels of their successful involvement on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, Butcher Babies performed in Wisconsin with their intensely high-energy performance, replete with Heidi Shepherd’s signature platform leaping and jumping off stage onto the rails in order to be with their fans and of course that hardcore shrieking metal sound fans have come to know and love.

The moment Heidi Shepherd (vocals), Carla Harvey (vocals), Henry Flury (guitar), Jason Klein (bass), and Chrissy Warner (drums) hit the stage, they come HARD and remain there, constantly swapping not only stage locations back and forth but also their turns shrieking into their mics while the other sings.

National Rock Review had a chance to speak with the band before their show (the video of which can be seen soon) and even as a spectator in their domain if you will, (interviewing on their tour bus) I immediately felt welcomed within their rolling home. As a group, Butcher Babies are tight – both musically and on a personal level. They’re able to bounce effortlessly back and forth between ribbing one another jokingly one minute to discussing how much they love, respect and appreciate each other the next. Seeing as how the band has exactly the same members today as it did upon its inception, it’s easy to deduce that they truly and genuinely LIKE one another, which translates both in their immediate presence and on stage.

Other WIIL Rock Fest artists NRR had the opportunity to photograph on Saturday include Hollywood Undead, Pop Evil, Nonpoint, Art of Dying and Another Lost Year.

Butcher Babies’ highly anticipated sophomore full-length album (Monster’s Ball) was released 21-Aug-2015 and they’re heading out on tour as direct support for GWAR beginning 26-Aug-2015 in South Bend, Indiana. Tour dates can be found at their links below.

National Rock Review photographer Cheri Kern had the honor of photographing portions of Butcher Babies’ performance on stage with the band as well as from the photo pit.

National Rock Review’s Cheri Kern was on stage to capture the show.

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