Butcher Babies slaughter South Bend during their North American summer tour with Gwar and Battlecross.

If you want to watch a rising act in progress, take notice of Butcher Babies (Century Media Records). If you haven’t seen them by now at a major metal festival then you haven’t been paying attention to the right stages.

Some would criticize them for being a “chick” band or not to be taken seriously because of their looks and choice of wardrobe, but that would be doing a lot of labeling which has always hindered women in rock and metal since day one. For some reason in order to be taken seriously as musicians of the female persuasion you’re not allowed to be attractive or the term sell out will follow you until the end. There aren’t enough women in metal as it is so a little solidarity in the right direction can go a long way in the industry. Butcher Babies are worth checking out and could quite possibly change many preconceived ideas some die hard metal fans have cultivated.

Whether you choose to love or to hate Butcher Babies based on whatever criteria invented, it’s hard to deny the dynamic stage presence and talent at work. Front ladies Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd have serious heavy metal vocals to rival any male counterpart and it’s hard to ignore their charisma and power on stage. The genuine love they have for their fans and vice versa is the fuel that is propelling their rocket to metal stardom. With a serious backing band behind them giving them the severity of sound to match what they’re capable of vocally, the band was on point and solid throughout their entire set. With Henry Flury on guitar, Jason Klein on bass, and Chrissy Warner on drums it might even be safe to say that if the ladies didn’t have this particular caliber of musicians working with them that their success would be difficult no matter how pretty they are. Metal is a tough market to crack and if you don’t have the chops to back up what you’re all about then you’re going to get shredded and not in a good way.

Currently touring to promote their latest release Take It Like A Man, Butcher Babies stopped off at Cheers Pub. As a rising rock venue, Cheers is fast gaining a local reputation for booking some of the best touring bands in the midwest college town of South Bend, Indiana. On their way to becoming the region’s Reggie’s Rock Club, Cheers welcomed Butcher Butcher babies to an eager crowd who stuck around for a gracious meet and greet after the show. After starting and finishing strong with the most cell phones raised in recording this journalist has seen in a while, a long line formed to meet the band for autographs and picture opportunities. Carla and Heidi were on task to graciously meet their fans to chat a while before retiring to their tour bus. Although the house wasn’t packed on the weekday of the show, stopping by to make a little extra gravy and some new fans in a small welcoming city is how the wheels keep rolling.

Butcher Babies have been relentlessly touring seizing the moment while their irons are hot. This fall, find them at a town near you while they’re on tour with Amaranthe and Lullwater.

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