Multi-platinum recording artist Bush kicks off the summer at the pool at the M Resort.

In recent years there have been many new outdoor concert venues starting up in Las Vegas and one of the best is the M Resort and Casino pool.  The stage set at the pool allows for concert goers to swim, rent a cabana or simply watch the concert as the sun sets.  Tonight is a perfect early summer night in Las Vegas, it is not too hot and as the sun sets Bush takes the stage to a packed pool.  As Rossdale plays the first notes of “Everything Zen” it is clear the crowd is in for an amazing night.  

Bush is one of the rare band that started in the 90’s that still has more than one of its original members which is a treat.  Gavin Rossdale (guitar, vocals) and Robin Goodridge (drums) are from the original lineup.  The other two members in Chris Trainor (guitar) and Corey Britz (bass) have been with the band since they returned from their hiatus in 2010.  The length of time these guys have been together really shows and their fans appreciate being able to see them together.  With a seven-album discography to draw from, there are a variety of songs for the band to play.  The set is heavy from their two most well known albums Sixteen Stone and Razorblade Suitcase.  This is what the crowd wants to hear and the band seems determined to give them exactly what they came for.

Rossdale is on from the moment he steps on the stage.  He is jumping and dancing and delivering a flawless vocal.  He stops after the first song to thank the crowd and comment on how happy they are to be there at this beautiful place on a beautiful night.  His energy continues all set, even until the end when he wanders through the crowd for an entire song getting up close and personal with all the fans, much to their delight.  

The music is played with such proficiency and the vocal is impeccable that you would think you are listening to the albums.  All the songs that are expected are played with the highlights being “Swallowed,” “The Chemicals Between Us,” “This is War,” and “Little Things.”  There is not a lot of banter, they just deliver twelve songs perfectly before returning for the four-song encore which has another two high points of the night.  The cover of R.E.M.’s “The One I Love,” is the first.  This is an unexpected nostalgic throwback that just makes the crowd happy.  Then it is time for “Glycerine.”  While the crowd is expecting this song there are few performances that are more powerful or memorable then Rossdale performing this song solo.  The internet is full of recordings of this song from the early 2000’s and this performance was no different.  It is stirring and emotional and the perfect lead into the final song of the night.  

This is a fun venue to see a show and Bush delivers a fun and exciting set, setting the bar high for the remaining shows this summer.   They bring nostalgia that the fans want, mixed with the new and deliver a show that doesn’t disappoint on any level.

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Event Date: 02-JUN-2018

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