Acoustic punk rockers, Bryan McPherson and Louise Distras, performed in St. Louis, both supporting new releases.

UK native Louise Distras opened the evening with her bold vocals and lyrics. She is on tour supporting her debut album, Dreams from the Factory Floor, an assemblage of twelve angry, politically charged songs. Her music and lyrics are driven by problems faced by the working class in the UK, but resonate easily with US residents as well–protest put to music, built upon a definitive punk-rock foundation.

Bryan McPherson made his third appearance at The Waiting Room Bar & Venue, playing to a full room. With his harmonica strapped around his neck and acoustic guitar plugged in, McPherson began his set. He is a natural story teller who has found his niche within music, his songs reverberating with revolution, class and economic disparity, social injustices, and a wide variety of political issues.

By the end of his second song, McPherson chose to make an already intimate setting even more so. He unplugged his guitar and spent the rest of his set playing while walking through the crowd. This was McPherson’s third time at The Waiting Room, but the first time he performed completely unplugged, creating a powerful connection with the transfixed crowd.

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