Brad Paisley brought his Live Amplified World Tour to Dallas with outstanding opening acts Maddie & Tae and Tyler Farr.

27-Aug-2016: On a weekend with many events taking place in Dallas, the fans still showed up en masse to hear a night of great country music. Each act had a different style and their share of supporters, and the combination of performers let everyone go home fully satisfied.

The weather cooperated and the outdoor venue began to cool off as Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, better known as Maddie & Tae, took the stage. Their six-song set was warmly received as the two 21-year-old lovely women sang traditional country songs. They played their Top 40 singles from debut album Start Here, including”Girl In A Country Song,” “Fly,” and “Shut Up And Fish.”

Tyler Farr came out for a mix of old and new country. He engaged the fans all night, especially on “Better In Boots,” “Damn Good Friends,” and “Redneck Crazy.” He took a more traditional approach on “Whiskey In My Water” and “Hello Goodbye.”

With no introduction, Brad Paisley walked out to a tremendous ovation while playing guitar. As he’s had 17 No. 1 (including ten consecutive) singles and 28 Top 5 singles in a row, the fans knew they were going to get a great night of music. In addition to many tracks from his large catalog of hits, he played new songs, cover songs, beautiful duets, and several memorable moments that endeared him to the crowd.

Temporary bars were added to each end of the stage where a select group of fans could drink and watch the show from the best seats in the house. They were in prime position to see the vastly underrated guitarist play several solos that rocked the venue.

Being a skilled singer/songwriter, Paisley can add a humorous twist to a good song and produce even higher quality music. A song such as “Online,” about being so much cooler on the Internet than in real life, entertained the crowd. “I’m Still A Guy,” with Tyler Farr, chronicling men growing up with a simpleton gene in their DNA, went over well. The male point-of-view love song, “Ticks” and “Celebrity,” were fan favorites. The self-explanatory “Ashamed of Your Selfie” featured the roadies on stage singing backup.

Brad sang his newest single, a beautiful duet with Demi Lovato, as she appeared on-screen in the video for “Without A Fight.” He did the same with Alabama for “Old Alabama.” An onstage duet with Maddie and Tae taking the place of Allison Krauss for “Whiskey Lullaby” thrilled the crowd. He also got Carrie Underwood on Facebook Live for the No. 1 hit, “Remind Me.” The audience went wild.

Part of Paisley’s set included a tribute to some of the influences in his career. He sang “Mama Tried” by Merle Haggard to everyone’s delight. He also covered Asleep At The Wheel’s “Miles And Miles Of Texas.”

Brad hasn’t released an album since 2014’s Moonshine In The Trunk which he played four songs from. The newest singles were “Crushin’ It” and “Perfect Storm,” both hits. Other big sellers were “Country Nation” and “River Bank.”

His fans also got to enjoy several memorable moments with the crowd. He brought onstage a five-year-old girl named Paisley who was named after him. After talking to the cute little girl with the pink cowboy hat, he gave her the guitar he had been playing. He tried to help her back into her father’s arms at the side of the stage, but she refused to leave. He said, “I guess we’re singing a duet” and kept going.

Brad also brought a couple from one of the bars to center stage to help him with a song, but it turned out he was helping them get engaged. He also finished the set with a musical and visual tribute to the six Dallas policemen who were murdered this summer. The ovation for this touching moment was deafening.

The encore was his hit song, “Alcohol,” about the magic elixir that “helps white people dance.” Maddie and Tae came out to join the singing, as did Tyler. Brad thrilled the crowd one last time when he played the fretboard with a beer bottle during the long ending jam.

Maddie and Tae have an old country sound, but with new music. It’s a good combination that should serve the young ladies well in the future.

Tyler Farr has a following with his style of country. He sings traditional and modern music and all the styles in between.

Brad Paisley has so many hits that he can’t play them all in one concert. He has numerous awards and his popularity and music catalog shows that he earned all of them.

Catch all of them on the Life Amplified World Tour through October.

Special thanks to Fred, Holly, and Trent at Gexa Energy Pavilion.

Joe Guzman of National Country Review was on hand to record the event.

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