Bonehawk bathed the crowd in the purifying thunder of glorious rock at Bell’s Eccentric Café in Kalamazoo with Blue Snaggletooth and Evil Deauxerz.

With delicious Bell’s beer flowing, the crowd at the Eccentric Café moved up to the stage as Evil Deauxerz opened up the show. They played it dirty and loose with all the rough edges exposed to leave you with a nice cut. The Evil Deauxerz didn’t waste any time as they kicked out punk that brings to mind the sounds of Babes in Toyland, Lunachicks, or The Distillers. The song “Dirty Magazine” put a smile on many faces in the crowd.

With a quick set change, Blue Snaggletooth unleashed the gods of tube amp heaven upon the masses. As always, the band was entertaining both visually and sonically. With guitars held high they tore into “Reptiles”, “Silver Goddess”, and “Serpent And The King”. The energy level in the crowd was outstanding as they bounced and sang along with the band. Bassist Joe Kupiec and drummer Mike Popovich laid a diamond foundation upon which Casey O’Ryan and Chris Taylor set their guitars ablaze on “Transmutation”. Blue Snaggletooth reached back into the vault when they jammed “Star Flight” and “Fireball Island”. These Istari of rock delivered yet another outstanding performance.

With the crowd appropriately warmed up and ready to rock, Bonehawk took control. Bell’s Eccentric Café was packed with people rocking out and dancing to their hypnotic grooves. Bonehawk are masters of the art of writing and playing riffs that burrow inside of you. Guitarists Chad Houts and Matt Helt laid down sweetly singing harmonized guitar runs mixed with fist clenching chord progressions while drummer Jay Rylander and bassist Chris Voss plowed into the fat bottom.

For those that have not heard Bonehawk before, their music may remind you of the sounds of Fu Manchu, Fireball Ministry, and a bit of the “Albatross” era of Corrosion of Conformity. While the band’s Albino Rhino recording is great, it’s live that they shine. Hearing “Warchild” and “Hot Mary” played loud and live, the crowd was given every ounce of soul that breathes within Bonehawk’s music. The heart of rock was pounding as loud as ever during this fantastic performance.

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