UK based contemporary rockers Blurred Vision launch new EP and band line-up in Islington.

This evening’s event was a rather intimate affair, arranged to promote the release of Blurred Vision‘s long-awaited new single “Magdalena”.

Overseen by esteemed producer Terry Brown, the released version is more dynamic than its predecessor which appeared on the limited edition sampler of 18 months or so ago.

Tonight’s show served not only to celebrate the aforementioned release but it was also the debut live performance of new guitarist Jake Libretto. Furthermore, it was a warm-up for their maiden appearance at Download festival on Sunday 16th June.

It was “Magdalena” itself that kicked things off as it has done for the last 6 months since the reshaped line-up was revealed. A bonafide hand clapping, foot stomping anthem with its ‘woo-hoo’ refrain that is just so infectious.

Other standout tracks are the emotive “What Have I Become”, the anthemic re-working of a Pink Floyd classic and protest song in “Another Brick In The Wall”. This song is performed with drive and passion, understandable considering the main man Sepp Osley’s Iranian heritage. This was followed by the equally stirring “P.O.W.” which closed the set.

Considering this was Jake’s live debut, such was the chemistry between him and Sepp, one could easily believe that they had been playing together for years.

The rhythm section of the other Jake (Bradford-Sharp) on drums and Bentley Levy on the bass have grown so well together since that first appearance at Jack Solomon’s back in November. Jake, was an absolute monster on the drums this evening, powering the band along and providing many Moonesque fills in the process.

An often undervalued member of any band is the bass player, their role is critical in maintaining the groove. Bentley certainly does that so well, providing the link between the two Jakes especially during those numbers whereby Sepp is not providing second guitar.

Last and by no means least, Sepp is a charismatic and enchanting frontman. Having another guitarist in the band frees him to project himself more as a vocalist but when he dons a guitar, it adds another sumptuous layer to the sound.

Overall the band sounded so driven, crisp and tight. It was obvious that they were enjoying themselves as were the loyal fanbase who were in attendance. Sepp has assembled a fine line-up here and those who will catch them at Download are in for a treat albeit a relatively short 25-minute set.

Words: Sophie James
Photos: Eric Duvet Photography

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