Metro Detroit is rocked to the core when Biters hit Small’s with special guests Frankie + The Studs, Artificial Agent, and Kommander.

Opening the night is Kommander, a local rock band consisting of Chris Krez (guitar/vocals), Nick Phlegar (bass), Mike Latcha (keyboards), and Dave Laginess (drums). Their heavy rock sound is infused with a hint of 70s groove and grunge. They have a great presence on stage, bantering between songs and delivering heavy hitting tunes. For their finale, they break into a fast paced punk-style breakdown. It is an incredibly solid opening to the night.

Artificial Agent is up next, and charge the stage, launching into fan favorite “Psychomotor Agitation.” This local hard rock band has made a huge name for themselves in the Metro Detroit area. They take the glam metal influences of KISS and Motley Crue, and twist it into a hard hitting juggernaut for the modern day. These guys have been hard at work with many upcoming events; opening for RATT at The Uncle Sam Jam in Woodhaven, MI in July, as well as releasing their latest album Programmed to Destroy in the next few weeks.

They are chock full of attitude and run at 110% for every minute. Mike Elgert delivers blistering guitar solos, Brad Jendza hits heavy grooves on bass, Karl Crafton is a hurricane on drums, all the while vocalist Derek Jendza vocals are primal in their energy. They make an intimate venue feel like an arena show. Their set is full of old favorites and a glimpse into their new album, with “Attention Whore”, “Bleed My Mind”, “Torched”, “Devil in a White Dress”, and a cover of Motley Crue’s “Come on and Dance.” By the time they hit their finale with “Master Blaster”, they have the crowd cheering and rocking out. Their album Brain Grenade is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Frankie + The Studs hit the stage next. They are an amazing callback to the punk resurgence of the 1970s. Their sound is raw, aggressive and manic rock, delivered by a small, leather clad woman with the presence of a giant. Frankie is a frontwoman through and through. Her bandmates, aka “the Studs” are cool and stoic as they deliver shredding guitar and beats as Frankie lunges at the crowd as she whizzes through guitar riffs and crazy vocals. Halfway through their set, they thank the crowd for seeing them on their first tour ever; you would never believe these newcomers were so with the talent and stage presence they possess. They play a great blend of their work, including “Sick Of You”, “Won’t Be the Last”, and a cover of Nick Gilder’s “Hot Child In The City.” They close out their set with “She’s Insane,” which sounds to me like the anthem of this band. They are a crazy fun time. Their debut EP High On Yourself is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

With smoke filling the stage, Biters emerge. The crowd swelled to the front as they jump into “Restless Hearts.” Currently on tour for their newest album The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be, Biters make sure to include their newest hit “Stone Cold Love” while treating the crowd to favorites such as “Hallucination Generation”, “Heart Fulla Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Low Lives in Hi Definition”, and many more. Vocalist Tuk Smith takes command of center stage, his energy and flamboyance fuel the performance with his soaring voice and guitar work. Matt Gabs hammers out riffs while Philip Anthony and Joey O’Brien keep the harmonizing rhythms strong. Their sound harkens back to Bowie-era glam meshed with a pop-punk feel with super catchy and danceable songs.

It is obvious that these guys love playing together, taking plenty of time to joke with the crowd and each other between songs. Their attitude and swagger exudes rock n’ roll. They radiate energy and have the crowd dancing the entire time. Closing out the night, they bring out some earlier hits with “So Many Nights” and “Oh Yeah (The Bitch Wants More)”. This band is a party from start to finish. The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be, released May 19, is available now at their merch site.

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Event Date: 23-MAY-2017

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