Chicago may have had to wait 19 months for Beth Hart to return to Park West, but the two-night run was certainly worth the wait.

Usually, when you go to a show, it’s at the end of the night that the merch stand is at its busiest with people buzzing from the show and wanting to buy an album or t-shirt to commemorate the night. However, people already knew that a great night lay ahead of them as they flocked to buy their vinyl by the armloads before the show even started.

Beth Hart always puts on an amazing show, her fans know it, and this night was certainly no exception to the rule. A number of fans cheered when Hart did a roll call to see who had also attended her show the night before.

Looking happy to be on the stage and completely at home, she belted many her classic songs, including the emotionally charged “Leave The Light On,” “Sister Heroine” to which numerous fans hoisted their mobile phones up in the air for photos and video, and “Bang Bang Boom Boom,” the song scarily-inspired by Natural Born Killers.

You always hear songwriters discussing the real-life experiences they’ve drawn from to write their material. However, there are few tunes with brutally honest and heart-wrenching lyrics as those in Hart’s songs. She opted not to delve into the background of some songs for fear it may make her sound like a “crazy woman.” Her words, nonetheless, more than tell the story and need little explanation. Listening to the story that led to “LA Song” and then hearing the song performed, it was no wonder the audience fell completely silent, taking in the heartfelt lyrics and emotions.

Hart had the entire audience in the palm of her hand, getting everyone up and dancing on her command for the second song, and making the place erupt when she jumped down from the stage and walked through the crowd, singing and dancing as she went. The talent embodied in this one woman is beyond compare. Incredible lyricist, phenomenal pianist, and that voice. A voice, that was so powerful, she could be heard clearly without the microphone. Her vocals have the right amount of grit to compliment the subject matter, while also having an enviable vocal range.

The US fans waited a long time for this tour to happen, and unfortunately, are going to have to wait even longer for the new album, Fire On The Floor. Due out next month in Europe, the American fans will have to wait until February to get their hands on it. Here’s hoping the US fans won’t have to wait another 19 months before she does another tour.

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Event date: 22-Sep-2016

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