The Portland Battle of the Bands Finals took place with an exceptional collection of great local talent from Washington and Oregon.

The evening started with Mulino Road a four piece band from Canby, OR taking the stage. Mulino Road is made up of Sedona Garcia (Vocals/Keyboard), Camron Clawson (Drums/Keyboard/Vocals), Jake Bassen (Guitar/Vocals), Tyler Clawson (Bass).

Mulino Road:
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The Progress, a duo from Portland, OR. consists of Zarko on vocals, guitar, other things, Darko on drums, and Ryan on lead guitar. Zarko began playing classical guitar at age two and continued until he was 10, when he began touring the South Pacific. He nearly lost everything he had, including his left hand, in a monsoon two months into the journey. Because he was lacking medical insurance and basic language skills, the wounds were not properly dressed until his return to the states. In 2009, Zarko wrote and performed his first song since recovery.

The Progress
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The Disagreement hit the stage with several original songs and two covers, one from Nirvana and the other from the Foo Fighters. The trio are from Vancouver, WA and played an acoustic set mixed with keyboard and bass. Singer Jimmy Gardner on bass/keyboards, Chris Snow on guitar, and Tyler Snow on Guitar. They area an impressive young new band that just started playing music in 2012, for our schools talent show. After it was over they decided to continue playing together. Now, after two more talent shows, two drummers leaving and being split between high schools, they have one song recorded, two real shows under their belts and a lot more new material in the works. Keep your eyes on these guys.

The Disagreement

Morbid fascination a three-piece metal band from Salem, OR is Matt Miller guitar and vox, Jim Herriges bass and Zach Zimmerman drums. Morbid Fascination had formed in the late spring of 2014. The lineup consists of Jimm “The Kraken” Herriges on bass/vocals, Zack “The Sands Of Time” Zimmermann on drums and Matt “Shreddy Kruger” Miller on guitar/vocals. Creating a musical hybrid of Death and Black metal that focus on technical song structures and virtuoso techniques. They have released a five song demo and are currently preparing to record another that will showcase their direction and next level playing.

Morbid Fascination
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Tribe Lovinditekai is a three-piece hip-hop band from Portland, OR and consists of Sunray, Toombsy, and Khaelo Dé. The Tribe Lovinditekai played a very impressive set getting the crowd up and jumping, raising the bar even higher for others to attain the title of first. Described in recent communications, they are Enlightened, Perspicacious Music; Lovinditekai (Love-Indy-Tech-Eye) are a Proud Northwest Hip-Hop/Soul collective.

Tribe Lovinditekai
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Barbara in the Attic, from Vancouver, WA is made up of Barbara Richardson on Vocals/Lyricist, Daniel Brubacher on Guitar, Chris Kramer on Drums, Jason Leslie on Bass, and Mathew Sears on Guitar. Barbara in the Attic draws inspiration from many genres and musicians. Their style is difficult to characterize or pin down to any one style. From the haunting melodies of “Anthem Song,” to the progressive narrative of “The Ballad of Butch Cassidy,” their sound transcends genre and offers the listener a sonic bouquet that never ceases to please.

Barbara in the Attic
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Lying to Lilith, from Richfield, WA took to the stage and performed a diverse set of rock and alternative styling of music. This young band demonstrated an exceptional set of musical talent and will continue to gain momentum during their musical career.

Lying To Lilith

Chainbound from Salem, OR hit the stage with full intensity cloaked in a veil of smoke and the stage presence of guardians at the gates of Hell, Chainbound delivered and incredible Metal set. Chainbound is Tyler Heppner on Guitar, Greg Larimore on Bass and Ryan Richardson on Drums.

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As an outlet to a broken heart, Railer‘s founding member, Randall Scott, took his basement project from Anchorage, AK to Portland, OR seeking out local musicians from one of the most flourishing indie music scenes in the world. Railer had performed merely eleven shows in Portland when they were selected as the winners of 94.7 Alternative Portland’s largest new band search.

Judges included John Reese (manager of Guns N’ Roses) and Ross Robinson (producer of the Cure and the early Korn albums). Railer was soon discovered by former Public Image Limited drummer Martin Atkins (Ministry/Pigface/Killing Joke). As the head of his own label (Invisible Records previously known as Wax Trax!), Martin felt Railer’s hooky, new-wave sound would be a sure-fire hit, and a guilty pleasure as the only pop outfit among the numerous industrial bands on his label.

In 2003, “Frame Of Mind” was re-released under Invisible Records. Songs, “Kiss Fix,” “Deja Vu,” and “A Part of You,” were instant local radio hits and featured on many compilations. “If We Could Be,” was recently featured in the Xbox game called Prey.

At the end of the night, all bands having played their sets, the electricity filled the air with anticipating fans waiting to make noise for their favorite act. Rulings for First place were based on audience response. As tough as these judges positions are, a tie for 3rd place was issued to Barbara in the Attic and Lying to Lilith. Second place undoubtedly went to Chainbound and the winner for first place went Railer.

Railer is Randall Scott (vocals), Zev (bass synthesis/programming), Mo (Keyboards), Shawn (drums/programming), Dave (guitar).

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Ancient Eden closed the evening. They began in Lake Charles, LA in 2011, with singer/songwriter Sammi Hebert and bassist Cade Floyd. After relocating to Portland, Oregon, the Indie/alternative group has since been joined by the likes of drummer Julius Panimdim and Reed Schackmann to create a soulful and emotionally driven sound. The band consists of Sammi Hebert as Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Cade Floyd on Bass/Percussion, Julius Panimdim on Drums/Keyboard, Reed Schackmann on Lead Guitar.

Ancient Eden
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