How do you celebrate the 30th anniversary of GWAR? You start by having a pre-show that includes the lineup of the Summer Slaughter Tour plus Fear Factory and Coal Chamber to the lineup.

Summer Slaughter announced the line-up before the untimely death of After The Burial’s founding guitarist Justin Lowe. The band decided to drop off Summer Slaughter. Obscura, due to visa issues, also dropped. For some, the loss of either band or both is enough for them to avoid the show. While the show is not a sellout, the turnout is good.

Canadian death metallers Beyond Creation start off the afternoon with a short set of songs from their two CDs, including “Omnipresent Perception” and “Fundamental Process.”

Next up is Cattle Decapitation who is touring in support of their new album, The Anthropocene Extinction, released on August 07. The band plays “Manufactured Extinct” from the new album and a few other songs, including “Forced Gender Reassignment.” The crowd responds with a decent sized pit lasting most of the set.

Acacia Strain took the stage next and raises the intensity as they play songs “Human Disaster” and “Beast.” Vincent takes a moment during the set to dedicate the song “Whoa! Shut It Down” to the memory of the late Justin Lowe of After The Burial.

The next band to play is Veil Of Maya who released their fifth album Matriarch on May 12. They play “Lucy” and “Mikasa” during their set along with “[id]” and “Unbreakable” from [id].

Born Of Osiris plays a set mostly from their previous two albums, Tomorrow We Die Alive and The Discovery, including “Recreate” and “Exhilarate.”

Fear Factory is on the road supporting their new album, Genexus, released on August 07. The band plays songs from older albums such as “Edgecrusher” from Obsolete and “Martyr” from Soul Of A New Machine. Half way through the set, they play two from Genexus: “Soul Hacker” and “Dielectric.”

As Arch Enemy takes the stage, the crowd offers them a rousing welcome as they started their set. They play songs such as “War Eternal,” “Bloodstained Cross,” and “As the Pages Burn,” the crowd responding by headbanging and starting a good sized pit.

Coal Chamber plays an extremely high energy set, beginning with “Loco” and “Big Truck” from their self-titled first album. They follow with “I O U Nothing” from their latest effort, Rivals, released on May 19. The show ends with the encore song, “Sway,” also from their first album.

For many in the audience, this is a good Friday night. For others, it is the start of a three-day weekend of metal.

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