Art of Dying continues to rise up to every occasion, this time bringing their talent to 95 WIIL Rock Music Festival.

Canadian rockers Art of Dying consistently deliver one of the most emotionally high-energy performances fans will experience, and their show at WIIL Rock Fest in Wisconsin was no exception. AoD’s frontman Jonny Hetherington had an infectious intensity and the ability to command a room simply by walking into it.

When performing, Hetherington united everyone with AoD on their musical journey rather than being content to only perform for them. His vocals were spot on and powerful when they needed to be, but also a gentle whisper at other moments. With the slightest adjustment to his tone, he had a demanding presence which the entire crowd immediately fell silent for.

Originally signed to Disturbed members David Draiman and Dan Donegan’s label, Art of Dying has seen modest success thus far in their time together. While AoD is within the ‘radio safe’ category musically, that has no bearing on their ability to provide powerful and emotional music for their fans. It was AoD’s dynamic and emotional deliverance of the music that set them apart from their peers.

From start to finish it seemed as though Hetherington was stalking the stage. He was constantly prowling and would move onto the drum riser and lean into the crowd to grab a hand for a moment.

The band’s connection with fans grew as Hetherington threw his arms up to the heavens singing in a beautifully anguished manner. Then quickly collapsed onto his knees in the middle of the stage while delivering purely tormented heartache to the hearts of his audience. He managed to maintain equal parts seething and soothing cadences can only best describe as a seeming ‘controlled’ angst.

All I want is everything.
Jonny Hetherington

Of course, the band wouldn’t be what it is without his aforementioned bandmates/brothers at his side: Cale Gontier on bass (yes, that last name does sound familiar, Cale shares his last name with cousin Adam – former Three Days Grace frontman now with Saint Asonia).

Tavis Stanley on guitar was the quiet storm of the group. His riffs rival some of the best in the business, but he’s not that musician you’ll hear making sure everyone knows it – he’ll just show you firsthand at AoD’s next gig. Rounding out the Art of Dying dynamo is the insanely talented drummer Jeff Brown.

Brown has brought almost a lifetime of musical training that started at the age of seven with three years of piano, but by age ten he knew drums were his calling. By 13, he was playing the club scene alongside bands DOA, SNFU, No Means No, and many more.

This compilation of combined musical talent is just one key component to Art of Dying that’s kept them together more than ten years in an industry that eludes more than it encourages. It’s their drive, passion, and talent that’ll ensure they continue only to Rise Up.

Watch Art of Dying’s new official lyric video for “Everything” here:

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