Amon Amarth lands on the West Coast and delivers Viking Metal to their fans in San Francisco.

Having just released their 10th studio album a couple of months ago (Jomsviking, Metal Blade Records), Swedish death band Amon Amarth have hit the road in support and, judging from the reaction of a packed Warfield Theater in San Francisco, the Vikings left no fans disappointed.

The lights dimmed, and the curtain raised to reveal a hug Viking helmet drum riser. Amon Amarth took the stage and immediately broke into “The Pursuit of Vikings” from their Fate of Norns record. Vocalist Johan Hegg had the front rows pumping their fists and chanting along to every song, while guitarists Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg provided the melodic but powerful riffs that the band is known for.

While highlights included “First Kill,” “Destroyer of the Universe,” “Death in Fire,” and “Ruins to my Memory,” it was the on stage Viking battle during “The Way of Vikings” that was the pinnacle of the evening.

Amon Amarth wrapped up the tour the night after San Francisco with a show in Los Angeles, but will hit the road again this Summer for a string of European metal festivals, before returning to the States for an appearance at Ozzfest in September. The Vikings are not to be missed.

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