Some call him ‘The Devil’ but if you are an ‘Amigo’, friend, fan or follower you can call him Danny.

Once again Amigo The Devil arrives on Tyneside for an eagerly anticipated show at Think Tank in Newcastle. By his admittance, this is a show that the US-based troubadour has been looking forward to for some time. And by the turnout tonight we can safely say the feeling is mutual.

Amigo The Devil has a cult following, and his close nit fan base is out in force tonight. This crowd arrives from different musical backgrounds, from metal fans through to folk, roots, country and Americana music. Amigo’s genre-defying repertoire appeals to a wide cross-section of music fans. Subsequently, this evening’s show covers a similarly wide spectrum of music.

You can tell each song in the set means a lot to those in the audience. Each fan sings wholeheartedly and at the tops of their voices to every single song. And depending on the track the Texan based artist frequently switches between guitar and banjo as he changes gears.

Danny is fuelled on by his fans and a nice bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale. This being a stark contrast to his tipple of choice the night prior in Scotland – Buckfast. But as they say when in Rome.

Highlights of the setlist include the likes of I Hope Your Husband Dies, his adorable version of Slayer’s Angel of Death, and Delilah. There is even room for a few bars of Smash Mouth’s All-Star, which again adds a nice contrast to some of the darker songs in the set.

A crowd-pleasing airing of Hell and You takes us into the final stages of the show. But tonight Amigo decides to cut out going for the cheesy encore break and instead plays straight through. The night is brought to a close with emotive ballad Stronger Than Dead, which in turn leaves the crowd wanting more.

Amigo’s brand of songwriting is best described as dark. He covers some quite heavy subjects in his set ranging from serial killers, death, cannibalism, self-harm and loneliness. Now, this might sound a bit on the melancholy side of things but Amigo cuts through this heaviness with his Witt and humour, like a hot knife through butter.

Amigo The Devil is not only an incredible songwriter, but he is also versatile and witty too boot. In that respect, he is the complete package. 


About The Author

Adam Kennedy is an experienced music photographer based in northeast England. He has been shooting concerts for several years, predominantly with the band Vintage Trouble. In 2013, he was one of their tour photographers, covering the UK and Ireland tour including the headline shows and as opening act for The Who. As an accomplished concert photographer, Adam's work has been featured in print such as, Classic Rock Blues Magazine, Guitarist Magazine, Blues in Britain magazine, broadcast on the MDA Telethon on ABC Television in the US, used in billboard advertising for Renaissance Hotels in the US, and featured online via music blogs such as Uber Rock and Guitar Planet. He is also the official photographer at Newcastle Rock and Blues Club.

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