Amaranthe and The Butcher Babies Hold Court with Lullwater on Toronto Tour Stop.

A Sunday night in Toronto is as good a time as any to hold a heavy metal concert. Even better, is the diversity being offered on this night. Amaranthe, Butcher Babies and Lullwater promise to be a lethal combination of all things metal, although all three bands come from completely different places on the spectrum.

Lullwater, of Athens, GA got things started Offering a bluesy, Southern sound. No games or gimmicks required, Lullwater is a straight up, old school alternative rock band, sharing a similar sound to early Pearl Jam / Soundgarden. Their new album “Revival” is available now.

The Butcher Babies took the stage next, with their aggressive, double fisted, in your face stylings direct from Los Angeles. Stalking the stage like tigers, Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd certainly deliver a high energy, non-stop assault on the senses, whether they’re singing, jumping off risers, joining the crowd in a sing-along at the security barricade, or simply headbanging like crazy. Make sure to see them perform anytime they are in town. The most recent release, “Take It Like A Man” is available now.

Amaranthe took the stage to close the evening. They are a Swedish melodic metal band, that uses three lead vocalists. Elize Ryd and Jake Lundberg use clean vocals, whether solo or as a duet, while Henrik Englund offers some death growls, for a death metal sound. The combination is remarkable, and they draw you in and tell a story, between melodic harmonies and guttural growls and roars, that will leave you wanting more. Their most recent offering, “Breaking Point-B sides 2011-2015” is available now.
National Rock Review Photographer Mark Skinner was on hand to capture the action.

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Butcher Babies
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