Alien Ant Farm and friends played to a full house of eager fans who were ready to rock Friday night.

The full capacity event on Friday night was accomplished by the hard-working owner John Anton. His passion and drive for the music industry has given the Token Lounge a place among the list of long-standing venues across the country that provide an outlet for musicians and their talents.

Starting the night off was 23EXP. They opened their set with the bassist doing lead vocals, which were clean and fit the song well. While playing the song “Stand Up,” many fans in the audience immediately connected with the tune that was played during Detroit Redwing home games. Go Wings! Recently Spiderweb Radio had 23EXP on its 2014 list of top independent bands.

The moment First Decree hit the stage you saw confidence and energy. Having shared the stage with other acts, such as Sevendust, Deftones and ACIDIC, this group owned the set. The signing of FD to 3 Thirteen Entertainment Group proved to be a great beginning for the band, where they received added support and exposure. This band sounds good, looks good and is moving full steam ahead.

Critical Bill gave the busy night their best shot when they took the stage. Combining rap, hip hop, and a good dose of dirty guitar, Critical Bill shared some well-received tunes with the audience. When Westbound Records became involved with the signing of Critical Bill, the members knew having these funk pioneers on their side was priceless. With each lean of his body into a sea of audience members, the lead vocalist Powerdise delivered his message with well-thought-out lyrics and passion.

Commonly referred to G-Punk, (hed)Planet Earth was greeted with “(hed)PE” chants and cheering inside a venue packed to capacity. The song choice was a real good mix of both old and new ones. Lead singer and founding member of HPE, Jared was especially talented in the professional frontman department. He connected with the audience and put on one hell of a performance. (hed)PE’s new album, EVOLUTION, is built upon heavy dark riffs and deep, solid grooves released through Pavement Entertainment.

Alien Ant Farm played to a full house Friday night. Each song, both old and new, had energy and passion. With new partners at The End Records founding members lead singer Dryden Mitchell and drummer Mike Cosgrove have built a great work ethic over the years, which has given them continuing success. Having a renewed group of believers gave Alien Ant Farm a solid platform to move forward. It was surreal to see such an iconic frontman delivering an unbelievable set to all of us fans.

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