Agnostic Front brought New York Hard Core to Church in Boston. MA, with Penalty Kill, Cheech, Hammer and the Nails, and The Struggle, showing there is United Blood between the scenes.

Agnostic Front is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their first full length album, Victim In Pain released in 1984. Agnostic Front is known as the godfathers of New York Hard Core and just finished recording their latest full length release The American Dream Died expected in April 2015.

Penalty Kill, a crossover thrash hardcore band from Boston, formed in 2011 releasing their first full length record Breaking The Ice in December 2012. Band members are singer Sean Tuohey, guitarist Brian Todesco, bassist Dennis Hoey, and newly added drummer Tommy Luzaitis are supporting their new release titled Overboard Their set included: Surge, Murder Scene, Last Chance, Sick/Better, Nervous, Struggle, and Overboard.

Cheech, a hardcore band from Boston, released their first full length record A Day Late and a Dollar Short in 2003. Cheech are supporting their latest album Beast From The East released in 2013. Singer Brad Chaney, guitarists Josh Bottomley and Kevin Whitman, bassist Harry Blaser, and drummer Dave Giangarra, have a tight sound packing a punch and a growl that works the crowd into a frenzy of elbows and knees. Their set included: Charles, Everyone, Sorry, Proof, 84, Outta Time, DMC, Let Me Down, 30 Pack, Pint, and ACAB.

Hammer And The Nails, a heavier Oi! band, have been kicking around Boston since 2008. Although their style truly wasn’t hardcore, the crowd seemed to warm up to their sound and stage presence. Their songs are written about what pisses them off and their, “we don’t care, we’re having fun” attitude fits right into the night. Their set included: New Song/Intro, The More It Gets Better, Ten Fingers, Rome Is Burning, Product, Legislation, East Meets West, Icepixx, Kept Alive, Sleeping Giant, and Set To Ruin.

Agnostic Front did not skip a beat from their show the previous night in Providence where my band The Struggle was lucky enough to open for Agnostic Front. I was honored to be a part of welcoming their newly added guitarist, Craig Silverman, who comes with a 30 year history including bands like, Only Living Witness, Blood For Blood, and is currently the guitarist for Stars And Stripes and Boston Hard Core legends Slapshot.

Craig joined singer Roger Miret, guitarist Vinnie Stigma, bassist Mike Gallo, and drummer Pokey Mo to further solidify their sound and work on their latest album, The American Dream Died. Roger said they are going back to their roots of their DIY style and sound, the record should be out in early April 2015.

Their set was non-stop high energy and brought out circle pit after circle pit of mayhem including: United Blood, Discriminate Me, Friend Or Foe, VIP, Public Assistance, New Jack, Eliminator, Toxic Shock, United And Strong, Power, Peace, Crucified, Gotta Go, Riot Riot, Police State, Addiction, For My Family, Blind Justice, Last Warning, and With Time.

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