Cow Punk with a shot of Metal infused Surf took over the night in Portland, OR. a sound which add’s a little rock-a-billy and punk with new style effects.

Anchoring a night of Cow Punk in Portland was 42 Ford Prefect. The loud wall of fuzzy punk rock is composed of rockin’ punk, bass riffs, ripping leads, powerful drums, and vocals from Keith Littlefield, Patrick Fitzgibbons, Sean Gareau, and Jesse Powers-Taylor.

Seeing a 42 Ford Prefect show is not only impressive, it’s an incredibly loud experience. 42 Ford Prefect has appeared on multiple recordings including the latest compilation release “Blown Fuses Bloody Ears” on the Volume Bomb Records label which hosts Portland punk, rock, and metal acts.

The Streakin’ Healeys are a Hillbilly Hard Rock band with tall cans of beer in their hands. Big Mike fronts the trio on vocals and acoustic guitar, Double Wide on an electric hollow body guitar and vocals, along with Dirty Earl adding vocals from behind a wash-tub bass. The three are the Greatest hillbilly band north of the Mason-Dixon Line and has been charged with saving music, one shot of whiskey at a time.

Stumblebum is a high energy Punk band meets Rock-a-billy act packed with swinging drum beats, fast, gritty guitar leads, and lyrics pulsed by string thumping bass hooks. The three piece consists of Jason Rocksmore, Mikey “Bear Claw” Speers, and Adam Martin.

42 Ford Prefect
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The Streakin’ Healeys
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The Sandy Hut
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