Norwegian Blackjazz masterminds Shining have unveiled a second video in their “Live on Location” series, where the band performs and records one-take live footage in weird, unorthodox and often uncontrollable surroundings.

The new clip captures the song “The One Inside,” a track from their critically acclaimed, Spellemann-nominated 2013 release “One One One.”

Check it out below or on YouTube.


Shining’s “Live On Location” videos are filmed with a bare minimum of gear (one camera, a few mics, etc.), with the goal of capturing unique moments where musicians conquer their surroundings to showcase their musicianship over the use of technology. Having previously filmed in leftover rubble of the demolition site of their old studio in Oslo, Norway, this time the band headed to the blazing hot Mojave Desert of California.

Shining frontman Jørgen Munkeby explained: “We’ve always thought that some of our best shows have come from venues and festivals where things were totally out of control. It’s when the local crew tells you that you don’t need a DI on guitar, when the venue doesn’t have enough XLR cables, when the monitor guy refuses to turn any more knobs and when your amp breaks down in the first song – it’s in times like these that you often play your best gigs! The bout against your surroundings brings out the fighter in you, hell-bent on proving that the equipment does not get to decide. We wanted to put ourselves in these situations and film it, believing that this would add an extra edge to the performance that might be missing in many of today’s music videos. It’s a big kick when you manage to pull off something like this. We rolled into the location we had only seen on pictures, set up our equipment, got most of the equipment to work and started playing. The local motorhome club was surprised but supportive, and we even got free burgers at the local Slash-X bar!”

Shining’s latest release, “One One One,” made several notable “best-of-2013” lists and was recently nominated for the “Metal Album of the Year” Spellemann Award, the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy nomination. Mixed and co-produced by Sean Beaven (NIN, Marilyn Manson, Slayer), “One One One” features “a corrosive and creative hybrid of industrial vocals and beats, jazz signatures and black metal aesthetics” (Noisey). You can grab a copy of the album on CD or limited-edition, 180-gram vinyl (available in orange or black variants) directly from the Prosthetic webshop in North America or digitally on either iTunes or Amazon mp3.

To celebrate the new year, Shining will perform two intimate shows in their home country of Norway later this week. For tickets and further information, please visit A return visit to America is in the works; more information will be revealed soon.

Shining live: 1/9/14 Oslo, NO – Parkteatret 1/11/14 Kongsberg, NO – Energimølla