The alternative, hard rock, and dark September Mourning is the latest in a long list of artists to cover the 1960 classic hit.

On May 4, 2015 September Mourning released her cover of the recently late releases cover of “Stand By Me” by the late Ben E. King. His original song hit the top of the charts in the US and Europe and has been covered more than 400 times. September Mourning’s rendition of “Stand By Me” has dark lyrics that displays glances of redemption and hope.

September Mourning recently recorded her debut album that expresses a story of “heartbreak, loss, pain, joy, love, and courage,” in twelve songs. The album, Children of Fate, is packed with themes that can relate to a general audience. For example, in her song “Skin and Bones,” the theme is about people who judge others based on appearances. In “Chariot,” September sings about those who allow themselves to be consumed by another person.

Previously, September toured with Marilyn Manson. The influence of Marilyn Manson can clearly be seen on both September’s music and appearance. The character of September Mourning is a “human-reaper hybrid” who likes to trifle with fate.  Her dark rendition of “Stand By Me” can be found below.

National Rock Review recently spoke with September Mourning to ask some questions and get to know her better with her vision and background. You can read about it, here.

September Mourning 
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September Mourning Tour Dates:
May 05 – Vintage Villains – Danville, Illinois
May 06 – Heating & Cooling Pub – Chicago, Illinois
May 07 – Frankie’s – Toledo, Ohio
May 08 – Diesel Concert Lounge – Detroit, Michigan
May 10 – Slake – New York, New York
May 15 – AC Boardwalk Con – Atlantic City, New Jersey
May 17 – Rock on the Range – Columbus, Ohio
May 21 – Hijynx – Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
June 14 – Download Festival – United Kingdom

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