Video carries a message of support for people suffering from mental illness.

With the 2014 release of Nothing More’s self-titled album came a song that is close to Jonny Hawkins heart called “Jenny.”

“Jenny” is a deeply personal, true to life, song about the life of Jonny Hawkins’ sister Jenna and his Aunt Jenny. Jenny saw her father and best friend die in a plane crash as a child. She was later diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Jenna was named after her Aunt Jenny by their mother. Jenna also struggled with psychiatric problems from a young age. She chose to self-medicate with drugs, which deepened her families struggle. Hawkins’ mother was very ill and dying at the time. He stated in an interview by Eleven Seven Studios, “My mom was hanging on for dear life because she didn’t want to leave her lost little lamb out there.”

Jenny World Premier:

The video is a call to everyone to take notice of anyone struggling with mental health issues. Hawkins states, “we all know a Jenny.” The band encourages people to share their stories online with the hashtag #iknowjenny to bring awareness to this desperately underserved population.

For more information on mental illness please visit the site below.

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