The hard-rock band Dope has set a goal to take the reunion tour around the entire globe throughout 2016.

“The United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia are all part of the plan,” said Edsel Dope. “We are all stoked with the insane amount of enthusiasm from fans asking us to bring this line up around the world.”

The group plans to use the tour to create a first ever “Live DVD” to be sold alongside their live album. Dope’s old-school lineup of Edsel Dope, Acey Slade, Virus, and Racci Shay have not yet performed on stage together in 13 years. This should make for nostalgic live performances since the album and campaign are centered around celebrating the group’s long-standing lineup.

Their 21-track set was recorded live in Russia, and will not be available on iTunes or in retail stores. Instead, fans can preorder the album here and it will ship out in June.

Edsel Dope took to the internet to speak directly to fans by creating a video where he talks about all of the new plans to come. In the video, Dope explains details for the tour campaign, the live album, and an upcoming studio album. In the video, he personally promises a studio album, titled Blood Money, will be released later this year as well through E1 Entertainment.

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