Ego Likeness present an ominous world wrought with sinister affairs in the video debut of New Legion.

The theme of this video single “New Legion” by Ego Likeness intertwines an undercurrent of fears based on personal demons and struggles, a sense of foreboding terror that lays in wait just inside the shadows. Inspired in part by the mythos of Medusa, it touches on tales of retribution and righteous revenge upon malevolent, abusive antagonists of women. Known by many tales and legends across cultures of all origins, it is embodied here in this song as the biblical figure Legion, encompassing the collective female race as many under one.

The band is a longtime musical project formed by Steven Archer and Dona Lynch back in 1999. Originating the in Baltimore, Maryland area, they found inspiration for their name in the sci-fi literary classic Dune by Frank Herbert. An ever evolving band, Ego Likeness have explored various forms of electronica and trip-hop music, with the occasional return to a more hard rock roots at times with comparisons drawn to Filter and Stabbing Westward.

When The Wolves Return was released on July 10th, 2015 on the heels of the group touring with Voltaire in May. Late September will see the band make an appearance on the Aftermath Festival in Toronto, Ontario before setting sail on Gothic Cruise 2015.

Ego Likeness
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