Join NRR for an exclusive visit with rock supergroup Devil City Angel on the set of their new music video “Boneyard.”

Devil City Angels is the new rock supergroup, featuring Tracii Guns (LA. Guns,) Rikki Rockett (Poison,) and powerhouse vocalist Brandon Gibbs. 

They formed last year with Eric Brittingham from Cinderella, who has since left the project and been replaced by Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot/ Whitesnake/ Ozzy Osbourne,) Tracii’s bandmate in Gunzo.

Devil City Angels’ debut, self-titled album is scheduled for release on September 18th on Century Media Records.

We caught up with Devil City Angels on the set of their “Boneyard” music video, which will debut in early July. NRR staffer Sarah Mankoff interviewed Tracii Guns about the new project.

Sarah Mankoff: This is a new band, but you’ve all been in bands prior to Devil City Angels. How did it come about that you all came together to form this?
Tracii Guns: Well, Rikki and I had known each other for years. One of the very first LA Guns gigs was with one of the very first Poison Gigs. So we all started out in the same place, I was actually in Poison for about a week, like 15 years ago. Anyways, Rikki and I have always been close friends. Some people suggested that we start a band called Guns and Rockets, and we thought, “well yeah, we should start a band!” So we did, and then came up with the name Devil City Angels, then we recruited Brandon Gibbs, who Rikki had known for 7 or 8 years. He’s from Iowa, and he’s just a fantastic guitar player and singer. So based on sheer talent and just being a super nice guy, he agreed to be the frontman for the band, and he brought with him Eric Brittingham from Cinderella; they had been in a band together in the past.
We recorded some songs, tested it out to see how it was working, went on tour, got a record deal, got a manager.
Eric quit the band, Rudy Sarzo and I started a band together meanwhile, separate from Devil City Angels. So then when Eric left I asked Rudy if he wanted to be in Devil City Angels, and here we are making a video!
Sarah Mankoff: This is the band’s first video, what can you tell us about it?
Tracii Guns: It’s pretty much gonna be live scenes but there will also be scenes with a sexy dancing woman in a cage who’s supposed to be in jail I think (laughs). You know, you gotta keep it real! So this is like a straight up rock n’ roll song. Very cool. It’s for a song called “Boneyard,” which is on our upcoming record.
Sarah Mankoff: What can people look forward to on the upcoming album?
Tracii Guns: Well the album is straight up a mix of Billy Squire, early Aerosmith, a little bit of pop, but very 70s influenced. There are no long jams or anything like that. Just very straight forward. Great songs, very middle of the road. And live we’re going to play songs from our previous bands too, and so far those are going over really well. It’s just a very authentic rock and roll album. Timeless, I think.
Sarah Mankoff: You guys are in a pretty unique situation, because it’s a new band but you already have a lot of fans carried over from previous bands. Even though it’s the first one this band will have put out, the upcoming album will be in the spotlight. How do you think it will be received?
Tracii Guns: Well, it’ll be received like anything else that was already done. I think a lot of people are going to listen to it. The reality is that our fans, if they are willing to listen to something new, then they’ll like it and they’ll buy it. So we do have a shot at selling a lot of records because we have a lot of fans.
Sarah Mankoff: What are you most looking forward to in this coming year?
Tracii Guns: Honestly not too much is happening with Devil City Angels this year besides the record and video. There are no tour plans for this year but Rudy and I are touring with our other band, which starts next week and then we’re gone for the rest of the summer.

The “Boneyard” video was directed by Robert Graves and produced by Marco De Molina for Veva Entertainment Co. You can see our exclusive photos from the video shoot below.

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