With so much new music out there right now, it takes something really special to stand out amongst the crowd.

In this day and age, there is no room for the mediocre, music fans are looking for something fresh, original, creative and exciting. Bands have to have that certain X-Factor to stand a chance of making it in the music industry in 2019, and I’m not talking about the TV show put together by Simon Cowell and company. Cue Cellar Door Moon Crow.

CDMC plays without boundaries as they grapple with a whole raft of sounds and musical genre. The studio is their canvas, and their genre-defying sound is their musical palette.

From the opening notes of their dynamic intro, the Goodwin brothers have got your attention and have you locked in before seamlessly unleashing their first full creation by way of the Whistler on their listeners. This being a track that is incredibly raw, with a dab of funk and a whole lot of soul. The song is packed full of catchy hooks and searing licks, it has it all. A perfect way to open the record.

With Backlash the pair deliver a hard-hitting groove and some fuzz fuelled guitar riffs. Whilst at the same time the song is underpinned by lyrical prowess and hip hop undertones. In places, there is maybe a little nod to Rage Against The Machine in here too.

Tightrope has a certain alt-rock feel, and much like the title, the rhythm on this track is particularly tight. When coupled with some feisty reverb tinged riffs it certainly hits the spot.

As we continue through the Goodwin Brothers musical journey we reach Who’s Way, which again takes the record in a slightly different direction. The track starts with an almost old school blues/gospel intro before picking up the pace with some hip hop enthusiasm. CDMC are not afraid to blur the lines between genres even inside of the same song.

The pair slows things down momentarily with the beautiful acoustic/piano-based ballad Won’t You. As the song builds, you get some passionate and poetic lyricism from the Goodwin Brothers.

One of the standout tracks of the record takes the form of Overdrive featuring British Blues singer Rebecca Downes. The song ebbs and flows from infectious breaks and beats to fuzzy riffs and catchy hooks – it’s a real earworm for sure. Whilst East to West featuring fellow Sheffield based rapper JKAS kicks things up a notch with a euphoric number that is built to be played out live.

With interludes like Karaoke Walkie Talkie, the pair channels the sound of classic hip hop outfits such as The Beastie Boys and Run DMC. But this doesn’t last long, as the band break into the mosh pit inducing number Forgiveness. This track will inevitably go off during the band’s forthcoming tour with Aussie rockers Airbourne.

The 15 tracks featured on the album cover such a vast musical landscape. Inside of the same record, you can find tracks that would quite easily fit on the Planet Rock playlist whilst other numbers such as I Got You could garner mainstream radio airplay. There is something here for everyone.

Whilst there has been a lot of talk in recent times about the NWOCR, with their debut album the Goodwin Brothers have put forward a sound that is anything but classic – this album is future-facing. Rather than revisiting or regurgitating 70s rock Cellar Door Moon Crow’s debut album perfectly represents a blueprint as to how rock music could and should sound in 2019 and beyond.

You Got This by Cellar Door Moon Crow will be released via Plastic Head on Fri 1st Nov. The duo will be supporting the album’s release throughout November as special guests to Airbourne at all dates on their UK tour.

About The Author

Adam Kennedy is an experienced music photographer based in northeast England. He has been shooting concerts for several years, predominantly with the band Vintage Trouble. In 2013, he was one of their tour photographers, covering the UK and Ireland tour including the headline shows and as opening act for The Who. As an accomplished concert photographer, Adam's work has been featured in print such as, Classic Rock Blues Magazine, Guitarist Magazine, Blues in Britain magazine, broadcast on the MDA Telethon on ABC Television in the US, used in billboard advertising for Renaissance Hotels in the US, and featured online via music blogs such as Uber Rock and Guitar Planet. He is also the official photographer at Newcastle Rock and Blues Club.