How would one describe the latest release from Terror, The 25th Hour? Angry, aggressive, and raw old-school hardcore, certainly come to mind.

Terror formed in Los Angeles, CA in 2002 and is releasing their sixth full length studio album, The 25th Hour, on Victory Records.

Terror has gotten back to the essence of hardcore with a take no prisoners approach to hardcore. If you are looking for nu-metal, emo, screamo, eight string guitars with dropped tuning, then you haven’t found your match. What you will find  in The 25th Hour is true hardcore metal.

Hardcore has its roots in the early 80s after becoming a harder, more stripped down version of punk, as punk started to become more commercial and mainstream. Hardcore has branched out, blended, crossed-over, and evolved over the years with many genres just adding “core” after it and watering down the true meaning of the genre.

With this release, Terror has put together a perfect example of legitimate, traditional, and true hardcore with 14 no filler tracks, featuring:

01. The 25th Hour
02. No Time For Fools
03. Bad Signs
04. Feed The Rats
05. The Solution
06. Blinded By The Lights
07. Trust No Face (Feat. Ben Cook)
08. Why…
09. Mind At War
10. Snap
11. Sick And Tired
12. Life Goes On
13. Both Of You
14. Deep Rooted

Most songs are under two minutes, with a few just over the two minute mark. The music is driving and double time with the occasional breakdown.

The songs feature strained, vein popping vocals, by Scott Vogel, galloping drums by Nick Jett, chugging, throaty guitars by Martin Stewart and Jordan Posner, and a tight and punchy bass by David Wood.

Lyrically, the songs speak about ‘us against the world’, conflict, hatred, and checking yourself in true hardcore fashion.

The 25th Hour dropped on August 7, 2015 on Victory Records.

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Website | Facebook | Twitter


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