Scattered Hamlet is honky-tonk metal on the warpath, like Bo and Luke Duke, in a parking lot brawl with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The good ‘ol boys of Adam Joad (vocals), Jake Delling Le Bas (drums), Richard Erwin (bass), and Adam Newell (guitar) make up the only band that you should consider for a Dukes of Hazard reboot theme song, Scattered Hamlet. Uncle Jesse would approve. And after a year-and-a-half of production, the band is heading out on the road to promote their new album due out on Nov 04, 2016 entitled Swamp Rebel Machine.

Swamp Rebel Machine By Scattered Hamlet

Track Listing for Swamp Rebel Machine
01. Battle Hymn
02. Whip-Poor-Will
03. Stonewall Jackson
04. Four Barrel Mojo
05. White Trash
06. Swamp Rebel Machine
07. Green Bastard (Feat. Johnny T. Crash)
08. Outlaw Breed
09. Rimfire
10. Buckshot
11. The Lesson

“Without a label, it was a long, hard process to get it out, but not having a label in the way also let us make it our way, and I am extremely proud of it.” ~ Richard Erwin

This new album comes in at eleven tracks and about forty-seven minutes of don’t-fuck-with-me good time southern swamp rock. It follows their 2013 debut full-length album, Skeleton Dixie. The two-time Grammy nominated producer Jason Donaghy produced both albums. So, let us look at a few of the songs to give you boys and girls a taste of why you should check this album out in when it hits.

“Swamp Rebel Machine” is the first big single off of the new project. We’ve saved you the trouble of looking it up yourself and put it above for your listening pleasure. Starting off with the slide guitar intro and bull frogs singing in the background are the sounds that truly set the stage for the whole album.

Adam’s vocals lull you into wanting a shot of that backwater moonshine while shining a flashlight over the river bank looking for glowing eyes. The Lemmy like growling in his voice trades the British feel for a more Southern Comfort sound.

Skinman Jake’s hitting on this track gives the song not only the sense of “never backing down” but may be the only thing keeping this train on the tracks. His playing differs from song to song to keep things moving and fresh.

If we may, the next track we’d like to bring to you is “Stonewall Jackson.” It was part of the pre-order special for the digital copy of Swamp Rebel Machine as an instant download. The track has the raw power of Adam’s playing becoming the above-mentioned train rolling down the tracks. Not only is the pace unforgiving but there is no sign of it slowing down throughout the entire song.

This cut also shows that a bassist who knows the perfect balance of too little versus too much adds an important piece without being too needy and Rich does this in a fantastic way. The feel of the song would be different if not for the deft bass play.

With the honorable mention tag, we’d like talk about “Whip-Poor-Will.” For us at the National Rock Review Southern Swamp Command, it was by far the fastest, most ass-kicking, complete collection of the guys’ talents we heard combined into one slick sonic concoction.

So grab the record and help support some good ‘ol boys that’ll never half-ass a song even if it means doing the whole album themselves. But that’s just our opinion, give us yours at our Facebook or Twitter feeds. And if you see them on the road, we’d love to see your photos from the show.

You can listen to Scattered Hamlet and preorder Swamp Rebel Machine on Amazon. The single “Stonewall Jackson” is available for download today.


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