RebelSpies hail from the dirty underground of Detroit, Michigan. Their upcoming 7-inch Before I Die, I Shall Destroy The Rebel Spies! is scheduled for release in January on East Grand Record Co. They play loud, fast, in-your-face punk rock! They are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but keep it spinning.

RebelSpies is the brainchild of bassist Jeff Uberti, who then recruited Jeff Sanguis on vocals, Tony ‘Vegas’ Del Bel and Matt Wedge on guitars, and Ryan Vandeberghe on drums. They are a brand new punk supergroup, featuring members of Suicide Machines, HiFi Handgrenades, Grande Nationals, Hellmouth, Left In Ruin, A-Gang, Fordirelifesake, and Skolars/Telegraph.

The 7-inch contains three blasts of punk rock ‘n roll with the spirit of hardcore. We Must Be Cautious opens up the record. This track has a street punk feel to it reminiscent of StreetDogs mixed with some 7Seconds. Next up, What Have I Done, has a classic Dave Smalley era DagNasty feel to it with a little VerbalAssault mixed in. Fire When Ready, the final track, reminds me of DownByLaw with some Rancid elements.

The record has a limited pressing of 300 copies (100 on black vinyl, 100 on orange & black splatter and 100 on hot pink).

RebelSpies are creating music for new fans of hardcore punk as well as those that remember the glory days of old. They want to keep it fun. As they like to say, ‘Whether you like to slam dance, stage dive, or just sing a long, the pit is now open!’

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