Hotlanta’s Poynte launches “Discreet Enemy” as its Calling Card. Multitudes will answer.


The only thing missing from Poynte’s debut LP is a warning from the Surgeon General regarding its addictive properties.

“Freshman” isn’t quite the right term for Poynte, as the group has been around the Atlanta and Southeastern Region for a few years. However, the current iteration and lineup is solid. Josh Fulcher (drums) and Jake O’Donnell (bass) are the band’s Terra Firma; the foundation on which the group’s music is layered. And the layers are an incredibly intricate compilation formed from an eclectic mix of influences. Guitarists Matt Bryant and Brett Davis are the substance of Poynte. Davis’ subtle but distinct metalcore vocal additions are pure ear candy. Catchy riffs, non-stop tempo and chord changes, and the ability to sound like an electric orchestra, set these two apart from the multitudes of generic plug-n-play rocksters. Enter Kenny Hawthorne. Vocalist and storyteller for the band. Hawthorne’s unique, semi-southern, classic-rock-infused, melodic voice defies definition and categorization.
Poynte's debut LP Discreet Enemy

Discreet Enemy is an album written with purpose. Where numerous groups will publish one or two EP’s before sinking their hooks in, Poynte comes at you with a gaff hook from the outset. The LP kicks-off with the title track. One can’t help but visualize a larger-than-life theatrical intro to the live set with how this song begins. Start your listening experience from the beginning and you will not stop until this LP has repeated at least two or three times in succession.

Other tracks to include: “Hold On,” “Nursery Crimes,” “Coping,” and “Last Embrace” are gripping stories of pain and keep the listener sonically riveted and looking for more. Discreet Enemy, in its entirety, has a post-apocalyptic feel that will have gamers, skaters, surfers, and every other type of listener head bobbing for hours.

Poynte’s debut, Discreet Enemy, is a Trans-genre romp through the best of Rock n’ Roll. Get ready for the ride.

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