In a world of pure imagination, Monster Magnet revamps Last Patrol and gives a savory helping of tripping rock to sooth your soul with Milking The Stars.

Milking The Stars by Monster Magnet takes the work from Last Patrol and doses it with even more love from the summer of ’69. The psychedelic vibe is taken to a new high as the infinite space between each note is filtered through a heavy water lightshow.

“Let The Circus Burn” takes the tune “Last Patrol” and imagines the song as if Dave Wyndorf (vocals/guitar) had sat down with Syd Barrett. The guitars are more subdued letting the organ come through. The feel is buttery soft with plenty of reverb to fill the void. The same can be said for “Mindless Ones ‘68” where the songs breathe with a more relaxed pace.


Dynamics start to change on “No Paradise For Me,” with revised lyrics flowing inside a haunted song that broods with sinister undertones. “Hallelujah” takes on a completely different feel. The atmosphere is thick and evangelical, bringing an old school southern revival jam to the ear. “The Duke” gets a bit more muscular by replacing bongo drums with a proper snare, high hat, and kick. The guitars with a touch of wah keep the song humming with bell-bottom swagger.

“Milking The Stars” is a new song that fits like a glove with the rest of the arrangements on the album. There is an early Floyd or perhaps a touch of the Stones, Their Satanic Majesties Request, baked into this track. You can lose yourself in the quiet sustain of the solo as it glides within the hypnotic groove.

The album wraps up with live versions of “Last Patrol” and the Donavan cover, “Three Kingfishers.” Live is where Monster Magnet excels and these tracks capture that energy. The solo on “Three Kingfishers” is outstanding. The re-imagining that Monster Magnet has done on Milking The Stars works well and makes for a great listening trip.

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