Obscure Oracle’s latest EP has released, and holy shit they’re bringing back thrash metal. ‘In Death We Trust’ was released Nov. 13 to anticipating fans around the West Texas area.

Obscure Oracle has melted their foundation into true Thrash Metal. The EP is available on their band camp page, linked below. $4 will get you four songs. Not too shabby for music. The album was recorded in Austin, Texas and man, does it bring the power of traditional Thrash. Mixed and mastered by David Donnelly and Rob Hinton.

“Fear Among The Weak” is the first track, and what really sets this album apart from most is the unsuspecting vocals from singer Bartholomeo. It’s different, and really makes the difference of most speed metal songs. What stood out most was the drumming. Most of the time, drummers are not credited for the talent they hold. While it seems the cymbal crashes are overkill really it just enhances the track.

“Wasted” is a groovy swing riff, these are always good for metal songs. A very driving song, and will be great played live. Circle pits here we come! There is a break, one that I have been craving to hear, a little relief from the full-on madness since the first track. It sounds like a signature change with a much-needed solo. Very driving track, and it’s awesome.

“All That Is Not Lost” is a fun track, one to just blast pure chaos with. The beginning is an almost perfect riff, then launching into a slayer-like sound (I hate comparing, but it’s the only way to describe this sound.) This has to be one of my favorites off this EP.

“Pray For Nothing” the longest track on the EP but a good ending. It highlights all the talent these guys hold. I’m still pretty floored by the cleanliness of the track. I can decipher chord and beat without all the distortion.
In Death We Trust is worth every penny if you’re a thrash fan. You can listen to it on their BandCamp site and purchase from amazon and iTunes. Let us know what you think, and Be sure to support local metal music.

Obscure Oracle is:
Rusty Bartholomeo – Vocals
Danny David – Guitar
Chris Gaither – Bass/Backing Vocals
Adrian Troncoso – Guitar
Javi Rodriguez – Drums/Backing Vocals

Obscure Oracle
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